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General meeting: action plans & internal structure

Action camp in three weeks!

Dear people,

The Code Red action camp starts in 19 days! All the more reason to stay well up to date. Each day more is confirmed about the program, more transport options are organized and more information about the action itself becomes available. Did you already think about how you’ll prepare, how you’ll get to the camp, and what and whom you’ll bring? Or maybe you would like help with the organization! Read on for more information about the upcoming action trainings, the camp, the transport options, and the mass civil disobedience action!


Don’t forget to grab one of the last opportunities to join an action training! There are trainings still coming up in UtrechtDelfzijl, Amsterdam (on the 18th and the 19th of August), Nijmegen and another last one at the action camp, in case you’ll have to miss the other ones. These are great opportunities for everyone to get to know others who are interested in taking part in the action, to exchange action strategies or to get more info about civil disobedience and climate justice. Sign up for an action training here!

Moreover, there are two events in Amsterdam this week for those who are interested: a stickering workshop and an info picnic!


Do you already know how you’ll get to the camp? There are a few organized transport options. Buses are going from Amsterdam, from The Hague, from Utrecht and even from Brussels. Our friends from Ende Gelände are organizing a Börse where you can find options to hitch a ride with someone or offer a free space in you car. You can also join the bike ride all the way from London to Groningen. You can join in at Utrecht and Nijmegen. On the website you can find an overview of these options:


More and more program components are getting confirmed for the Code Red action camp 2018! This year the camp will last seven days and it comes with a rich program! From art space to a lecture by Andreas Malm, from panel discussions to sports field, there’s something for everyone.

The 25th of August is all about the problems around natural gas, locally and globally. On the 26th of August we’re talking methods, strategies, alternatives and the different ways to be active in the fight against fossil fuel industry and for climate justice. On the 27th of August we’re preparing for the action and on the 28th we’ll get started! Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook page, because the program is going to be diverse and impressive!


Don’t forget to pack well as your prepare for the action! On the website you can find an overview of what to bring (and what not to bring) to the action. There’s a separate packing list for the camp. If you are coming to the camp, please also take a look at the guidelines!


Mobilizing a mass, collecting all the needed materials, preparing the action, you name it. It takes a village to disrupt the gas extraction! Would you also like to contribute? You can help in many different ways! We are specifically looking for help with the following things.

  • Performances during the blockadeIn addition to speeches and discussions about the impacts of gas extraction and climate change, we would like to bring motivation, energy and joy for all the participants with a lively artistic program with for instance theatre, dance, poetry, music performances that could fit in the program. The performances that could include topics such as climate change/fossil fuel/ Groningen gas struggle/ civil disobedience/ climate justice are more than welcome.In addition, we warmly encourage every participant to bring instruments and games during the blockade and come with ideas to keep us engaged and enthusiastic. Are you interested? Contact us by email:!
  • Photographers. The media team could use a little help with the photography! For both at the camp and during the action we still need people who would like to take pictures. Are you interested? Contact us by email:
  • Drone footage. We are also planning on shooting some footage using drones during the action week. Can you do this or do you know someone who might? Contact us by email:
  • Translation. During the camp the working group Facilitation will organize plenary gatherings every morning and evening to give updates on the program of the day. These gatherings are held in Dutch and considering that we also expect international guests, we need people who can help translate from Dutch to English. Experience is not needed, but it would be good if you already have an idea about how live translation works. Do you understand Dutch well and do speak English well? Contact us via email:
  • Financing the action we also do together, of course, so you can always contribute by donatingan amount to NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA). 


Code Rood

Call for musicians, performers and artists

Code Rood is looking for musicians, performers and other artists to support the mass blockade against gas extraction in Groningen province on August 28th

While the climate is visibly changing all around us, natural gas extraction is leaving deep marks in the province of Groningen. Thousands of homes and buildings have been damaged or became uninhabitable. Meanwhile, the government and companies that profit from the gas extraction are doing everything they can to continue ‘business as usual’.
Therefore, on the 28th of August, Code Rood will support the existing movement against gas extraction in Groningen with acts of collective civil disobedience. Together with hundreds of people from Groningen, the rest of the Netherlands and beyond, we will set up a mass sit-in blockade at the weakest point of the gas infrastructure: the NAM tankpark in Farmsum. There, we will use our bodies to stop the transport of toxic natural gas concentrate, which is transported from the sites of gas extraction by truck. By stopping the trucks in front of the entrance, we will disrupt the gas extraction by the NAM in a safe manner.
We are calling on artists to support this historic action. In addition to speeches and discussions about the impacts of gas extraction and climate change, we would like to bring motivation, energy and joy for all the participants with a lively artistic program with for instance theatre, dance, poetry, music performances that could fit in the program. The performances that could include topics such as climate change/fossil fuel/ Groningen gas struggle/ civil disobedience/ climate justice are more than welcome. In addition, we warmly encourage every participant to bring instruments and games during the blockade and come with ideas to keep us engaged and enthusiastic. With our legitimate collective resistance, we will be sending out a powerful signal: leave the gas in the ground!
How to contact us:
If you want to contribute to the program during the blockade, you are in the right place. Please, get in touch as soon as possible via mailEnough is enough. Together we will break the power of the fossil fuel industry!

Bus from the UK to Code Rood

There are 20 incredibly cheap return tickets available for a Flixbus coach to the Code Rood action and camp from the 24th-31st of August to shut down Europe’s largest gas field! Don’t miss this chance to an unforgettable and exciting adventure abroad this summer!

Total price: £30

Location: Victoria Coach Station, London
Friday, 24th of August, 21.30pm

Groningen: Saturday around noon

Return from Code Rood camp site:
Friday, 31st of August around noon

Arrival in London:
Saturday, 1st of September, 6.30am


Please fill in the questions below and transfer £30 to finalise your booking. Ideally, please transfer the money via PayPal using this email: to save transfer costs! Otherwise transfer the money to our Dutch bank account with the following details indicating your ‘name+UK bus’  in the reference:

Account name: t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA
IBAN: NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80

Are you unable to travel on these dates but still would like to come to the Code Rood action  and camp?

We are able to subsidise individual/ self-organised transport by coach, car or train. Please email for more information.

Newsletter: recap action conference & action consensus

Dear people,

This year alone we already had 20 information evenings, 6 action conferences and 2 action trainings. And that won’t be all: there will be even more action trainings and the 11 workgroups are very busy preparing the action camp. Because in less than two months it’s starting!

In this newsletter you can read about the past action conference in Groningen, the ‘ Limity Jitse Me’ action against brown coal in the Czech Republic and news updates concerning the gas extraction and upcoming action trainings.

One week ago, the 6th action conference took place, the last one before the action in August. And this time it lasted even two days! On Saturday we discussed the action consensus. An important issue was the meaning of the consensus for the participants of the action. We decided to define the consensus as “a collective framework that is undertaken by all participants of the Code Rood action in Groningen at the end of August 2018”. There was also a very good discussion about either using the word ‘non-violent’ or not. There were clear points of views for both positions. In the end we reached the consensus that the solution is to explain as clear as possible what we are going to do, but that it is also useful to further discuss this topic, for example during the action camp.

We continued on Sunday. Together we made an overview of all the things that already have been arranged, as well as everything still to be done. That day the workgroup Aesthetics got a kick start with a very fruitful collective brainstorm session about activities for- and the furnishing of the sit blockade. And this day, July 1st, was also the day that the contract of the EMO coal terminal in Rotterdam got elongated. Therefore we let the elderman of Rotterdam and the port sector know that another 25 years of climate destruction is unacceptable.

Very soon the program of the action camp will be announced. Apart from action trainings, briefings and other preparations for the action there will be 16 different parts. You can think of workshops, panel discussions, all kind of information about the natural gas extraction in Groningen, the struggles concerned with it and the beauty of climate action that is organised from the bottom up.
While many of the Code Rood group attended the action conference in Groningen last weekend, more than 100 people were in the Bilina brown coal mine in the north of the Czech Republic, to disturb the business as usual of the fossil industry, with nothing more than their own bodies and determined pleasure. In total around 400 people joined the action and approximately 30-40 of them got to the bottom of the mine. In this way the mine came to standstill. You can read a nice report here

Limity jitse me organized last year already such an action. This year the amount of participants more than doubled. We would love to see that also with Code Rood! It shows that we are part of a growing movement. More and more people are getting aware of the urge to get into action. Therefore we supported the action of Limity Jitsme Me in Groningen.

One month ago minister Wiebes stopped the reinforcements of 1600 dwellings that got unsafe because of the earthquakes. But last week the commity of Mines announced that the unsafe houses have to be reinforced as soon as possible. Again responsibility is being denied while the people of Groningen live now in unsafety.
And in the meantime the mining legislation  has been adjusted in a way that the companies that getting the gas out of the ground are less responsible for the damage they cause. How is that possible? It is no surprise anymore that the powers of the fossil industries and the government are enlaced for years.

There is no better way  to prepare for a mass civil disobedience action than to join one of the action training sessions! You not only get a lot of information about- and skills in civil disobedience, but you also meet a lot of other people interested in joining the action, or, if you already have experience in action, you can refresh your knowledge and share your experiences with others!
Sign in for the action training on July 13th in NijmegenAugust 18th in Amsterdam or on August 25th in the action camp in Groningen

Do you want to help to make the action and the camp a big success this summer? You can see here what stuff we still need. And please tell the people around you about Code Rood and how they can support us. We can still use your donation very well. You can transfer money to bank account NL55 TRIO 0388 6023 80 in the name of ‘Steungroep NVDA’.

Code Rood

Action conference 30 June and 1 July

Dear all,

Code Rood is already happening in two months! On the 24th of August the Code Rood camp will begin in Groningen. Past Saturday was the first action training session for the mass action of the 28th of August. It was an inspiring day with an enthusiastic group op people. Watch the report by OOG here. This will be the biggest civil disobedience action for Groningen and the Climate, in the Netherlands!

The next action conference is coming up soon. This is an important moment as this willth of June and the 1st of July. On Saturday there will be a discussion about the action consensus and on Sunday there will be time for the working groups to meet up. This will also be a moment where you can decide to join one of the working groups. There will also be an open space where there will (among other things) be a discussion on how we will organize the sit blockade. We can take care of accommodation for Saturday night. If you aren’t able to join for the entire weekend then you can also decide to come for only one of the two days.

So sign up for the action conference on the 31st of June and the 1st of July!


The first action training session was a success! And the next one is already planned!  Civil disobedience is not something you participate in on your average Sunday morning. That is why it is a good idea to participate in one of the action training sessions. People with experience are also more than welcome to participate as you can share your experiences, extend your network and refresh your good old sit blockade skills. Together we can prepare for a safe and efficient action in August!

Sign up now for the action training in Delfzijl on 7 July or in Amsterdam on 8 July!


Floris has written a short column (in Dutch but you can still help!) about his experiences with civil disobedience and with a shout out to the action in Groningen. You can help to get this column published in the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands (the Metro), thereby we can reach 550,000 people and earn 50 bucks for Code Rood! The only thing you have to do is vote on the column of Floris:

  1. Go to the article “Het leven van een activist” (“The life of an activist”)
  2. Scroll downwards and click on thumbs up in the bottom left corner. You might have to quickly make an account.
  3. We get a 1000 likes, spread the Code Rood message for free and earn 50 euro for Code Rood!

Are you going to help as well to make Code Rood 2018 a success? You can contribute in several ways: join a working group, help in organising an information evening, do a specific task or spread promotion materials. Are you still unsure about how you contribute? Then you can fill in this form on website, someone will then reach out to you to introduce you into the movement.

Click here to find out how you help organising!

  1.    DONATE
    Your financial support is desperately needed to finance the action conferences, the climate camp en the action! In total we are expecting to need up to €29.700 for flyers, posters, action material, conferences, training sessions and the infrastructure to organise a huge climate camp – everything we can do to get Shell, Exxon and the NAM on their knees!

Donate now and share our crowdfunding campaign!


Code Rood

Cycle ride from the UK to Code Rood

Dear all, from the 18th-24th of August we are organizing an amazing cycle ride from London to the Code Rood action + camp in Groningen. To register for the ride please reply to all of the below questions. This information will be treated confidentially and will allow us to book the ferry from Harwich and to assure that the cycle ride will be as smooth and fun as possible! Our awesome cycle ride team will take care of the ferry booking, arrange accommodation and food. Moreover, we will arrange a van from Groningen that will return bikes to London. However, riders will need to arrange their own personal transport home.

To make the pre booking of the ferry tickets easier, please register as soon as possible! In order to register please fill in the registration form. The total cost for participants for the UK will be £35 per person. The fixed costs of the cycle ride will cover everything apart from food. The costs for food will be donation based with a suggested amount of £5 per day/ per person and to be paid to our fantastic vegan kitchen team Kokkerellen during the cycle ride.

Please note that your registration will only be processed once we have received the payment of £35. When you transfer the amount, please indicate ‘Cycle UK + Name’ as the reference of the transfer. The bank details are:

Account name: Time to Cycle
Account number: 20784317
Sort Code: 165810

For more questions please email!

We are looking forward to this exciting adventure!

Your Code Rood & Time to Cycle team

Join an info event!

Dear all,

This week it became again clear that nice promises from politicians are worth nothing. The mass renovation of houses in Groningen was stopped. And last week the Dutch state appealed in the climate court case. This is how politics is avoiding their responsibility. That’s why we take matters in our own hands. On the 28th of August we will come together in Groningen for a mass action against the gas extraction!
Read more about the latest nows, including upcoming info-events, action trainings, how you can help and the next action conference.
Would you like to know more about the consequences of the gas extraction in Groningen and the fight against fossil fuel industries? Come to an info talk! Or if you know people who would like to get acquainted with Code Rood, invite them to an info talk!
Here’s an overview of the upcoming info-events in the Netherlands:
  • Amsterdam: 10 June from 12.00 at ADM, at the Anarcho Folk Festival
  • Den Haag: 11 June from 19.00 at the Ruige Rog, info-evening and film Gaslandfacebook
  • Maastricht: 13 June from 20.00 at Mandril, info-evening and film Disobedience 
  • Wageningen: 14 June from 20.00 at Vreemde Streken, info-evening and film Disobedience, facebook
  • Nijmegen: 14 June from 20.00 at de Klinker
  • Utrecht: 17 June from 17.30 at the ACU, info-evening and film, facebook
  • Amsterdam: 18 June from 19.00 at Joe’s Garage
  • Rotterdam: 20 June from 19.30 at the Poortgebouw, info-evening and film Disobedience, facebook
  • Amsterdam: 25 June from 18.30 at Plantage Dok, with Taste Before You Waste
And info-events and groups abroad:
Is there no info talk planned near you? Check out here how you can help set one up!
The first action training day has been planned too. Most people don’t just do actions every day. If you have never participated in a civil disobedience action, it’d be good to partake in an action training to prepare for Code Rood. People who have more experience are also more than welcome to come to share their experiences, meet new people and update their knowledge and skills. Together we’ll make sure we are prepared for a safe and effective action!
Join us! Are you also helping to make Code Rood 2018 successful? You can contribute in many ways: join a working group, help set up an info talk, take on a specific task or spread promotion materials. Not sure what the best way for you to do something would be? Fill out this form on the website and someone will contact you to introduce you. 

Find out here how you can get involved!
The next action conference is coming up. An important moment, because this will be the last conference before the action in August. This time the conference will be two days: 30 June and 1 July in Groningen. The discussion on the action consensus will continue, and we will try to reach consensus.
An action camp does not come by itself. But we can easily make it work with enough people. So help out! On 23 August we will build the camp. We also have to prepare food, so we need people who can help in the kitchen during the camp. Also the first aid team can still use some support. So if you can help with these things, send an email to the logistics working group and mention in the subject with which task (camp construction, kitchen or first aid) you want to help. We will contact you when the camp gets closer!
Your financial contribution is much needed to organize the action conferences, the camp and the action! In total, we’ll need €29.700 for flyers and posters, action material, gatherings, action training days and the infrastructure for a huge action camp – all that’s needed to get Shell, Exxon and the NAM down on their knees!
Donate now and spread our crowfunding call!

Code Rood

Info evening Utrecht 17 June

On June 17th, an info talk will be held at the ACU in Utrecht about the upcoming civil disobedience action by Code Rood and climate camp in August. There’ll be information about Code Rood, the action, the camp and Groningen. There will be free dinner and a documentary screening.

  • Date: 17 juni 2018 from 17.30 to 19.00
  • Location:  ACU, Voorstraat 71, Utrecht

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