It’s time to
make Shell history.

Shell AGM

Every year in May, shareholders of Royal Dutch Shell meet in Scheveningen (The Hague), for the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The AGM is where the company fulfills its legal duties: approving the Annual Report and discussing the plans for the following year. It is where they openly decide to carry on their destructive business-as-usual.

In the midst of a climate emergency, the last thing we need is shareholders of an oil giant meeting to discuss how they are going to maximise their profits.

We say no more! May this shareholders meeting be the last one ever held! Let’s make 2020 the first year without Shell AGM!


  • DISMANTLE SHELL by any legal, economic political means necessary
  • provide a JUST TRANSITION for the workers in the fossil industry
  • ensure REPARATIONS for impacted communities and ecosystems
  • build a decentralised and socialised ENERGY DEMOCRACY for all


What is codeROOD? Who is behind this?
  • codeROOD is a cooperation between people who together battle the fossil fuel industry and its power. This means all forms of oil, gas and coal. The most important thing these people share is that climate breakdown and the damages caused by the fossil fuel industry cannot be stopped with just individual actions. We take action against corporations who are responsible for extracting, transporting and burning fossil fuels. We also come into action against governments who let this happen freely.
  • codeROOD takes civil disobedience to the masses by making it visible and palpable. This happens by openly announcing the action day and by mobilizing nationally and internationally. codeROOD helps local communities who experience the direct effects of the extraction of fossil fuels. codeROOD stands in solidarity with other movements against the fossil fuel industry and climate change and other forms of injustice, extortion, repression and discrimination.
What’s up with targeting the AGM? I thought codeROOD was all about infrastructure!
  • Climate emergency demands more than reactive interventions at the sites of injustice and destruction. We are now moving upstream, where the crisis is being willfully perpetuated.
  • Technically speaking, the AGM is part of the legal infrastructure for publicly traded multinational corporations. It’s not a trade show or a cocktail party — to hold an AGM is their legal obligation to operate as a company.
  • Towards and in 2020, we intend to escalate our actions by proactively targeting sites of decision and power of the fossil fuel industry to generate an inescapable political crisis.
Aren’t there already so many anti-Shell campaigns going on? What are you adding to this?
  • There is indeed great momentum against Shell: from frontline resistance and court cases, to exposing tax evasion and obscene profits, there are many ways to make life hell for Shell.
  • We are inspired by and would like to contribute to the success of these campaigns. A mass disobedient offensive can help converge and amplify our diversity of tactics.
Is it even possible to ‘cancel’ an AGM? Can’t they simply change the date and location of the AGM last minute?
  • They are legally obliged to physically meet in the Netherlands, and a change of location must be announced in advance. We are committed to re-evaluate and adapt our plans if necessary.
Say you managed to disrupt considerably the AGM. What then?
  • If shareholders can’t vote, financial decisions and operations of the company will be affected. This will also damage the company’s reputation —Shell will become a risky asset.
  • Our ambition should be nothing less than simultaneously disrupting their decision making, eroding their market value and public image, and emboldening the opposition to Shell.
Don’t you think that Shell, with its army of lawyers, lobbyists and spin doctors won’t just get away with it?
  • Due to the endless efforts of countless dedicated people around the world, every year, the opposition to Shell grows faster than their profits. It seems to us that the time is ripe to shift public opinion for an all-out offensive against Shell and for climate justice.
  • That said, we are aware that we cannot achieve this alone. Our aim is to build a diverse and inclusive platform to bring down Shell by any legal, political and economic means necessary. We call all our allies in the Climate Justice movement and intersecting struggles, in the Netherlands and across the world, to join us in this project.
Impacted communities get the chance to voice their grievances at the AGM. Aren’t you doing them a disservice by canceling it?
  • Quite the opposite — our goal is to amplify the voice of frontline communities by creating a spectacular controversy around the very legitimacy of the AGM.
  • We intend to work with communities affected by Shell (in Groningen, Nigeria, Alberta…) at every stage of the mobilisation process.
  • We have stronger resolve than ever to stand in solidarity at the frontlines and defend people and planet against extractivism.
Where does the name Shell Must Fall come from?
  • The campaign title Shell Must Fall is a tribute to the South-African Rhodes Must Fall and Fees Must Fall campaigns, in which students demanded the decolonisation of the education system and large-scale social and economic transformations, with the aim of tackling deep rooted racism, inequality and injustice. The fossil giant Shell is built on similar colonial structures and aggregates existing inequalities and (climate) racism. This must end. The Shell Must Fall campaign fights for a systemic transformation in solidarity with the student-activists from the campaigns in South Africa. 

I wanna make Shell history.
Tell me what to do!

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  • For example social media, giving presentations, action in [your area], supporting the website, fund raising, cooking, etc.

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Upcoming Events

27 February @ 12:45 - 13:30
Designlab (Universiteit Twente), Hengelosestraat 500
Enschede, Overijssel 7521 AN Nederland

Shell Must Fall info event

What is the Shell Must Fall! Campaign? Who is Code Rood? What are the goals and strategies of the Campaign and should I join? (spoiler: you definitely should!) All these questions and more will be answered at this info talk, including background info on Code Rood and the upcoming plans of the campaign.

Find out more »
29 February @ 12:00 - 18:00
NieuwLand, Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93
Amsterdam, Noord Holland 1093 XN Nederland

Action training (beginners)

It is not every day you do an action. We recommend that people with little or no experience with mass civil disobedience take part in an action training. During the training we prepare to keep ourselves safe during the action, but also to be effective and even to efficiently make decisions under time pressure with large groups. We have a special focus on explaining legal risks, group dynamics and the making of affinity groups.. For those who already participated in…

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29 February @ 12:30 - 15:00
Jaarbeursplein Utrecht, Jaarbeursplein
Utrecht, Utrecht 3521 Nederland

Klimaatmars Utrecht: In het Oog van de Storm

Een half jaar geleden riep de Gemeente Utrecht de klimaatcrisis uit. Daar is in de praktijk nog weinig van te merken. Burgers worden niet geïnformeerd over de crisis, er wordt volop geïnvesteerd in biomassa, waar Shell zonder problemen door heel de binnenstad adverteert, en Amelisweerd wordt nog altijd bedreigd. Hoe prachtig de woorden in juli 2019 ook klonken, zonder daden verliezen ze snel aan kracht. Daarom eist de Utrechtse Klimaat Coalitie dat de gemeente de volgende stap neemt. Na mooie…

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5 March @ 18:00 - 22:00

Shell Must Fall! speakers skillshare for womxn

Engaging in political work, such as making one of the biggest fossil powers of the world fall, can be an extremely uplifting and empowering experience for many of us. But at the same time we do admit that for some it is easier to express a political opinion, to talk in public spaces, to be taken seriously. Therefore we are hosting a skillshare on public speaking for women, trans- and non-binary people (womxn) in the climate movement. During this skillshare…

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14 March @ 11:00 - 17:00
Amsterdam Amsterdam, Noord Holland Nederland

Actieskillshare Dag #1

2020 staat in het teken van grote actieplannen. KOZP heeft beloofd iedere kwartaal een actie te organiseren om de strijd tegen de racistische karikatuur zwarte piet verder te onderbouwen. Code Rood is met hun Shell Must Fall actie van plan om in mei de aandeelhoudersvergadering van Shell, een van de grootste vervuilers en schenders van mensenrechten ter wereld, in Scheveningen te blokkeren. Terwijl onze actie plannen mogen verschillen, is onze strijd gevestigd in de zelfde hoofdoorzaken, racisme en kolonialisme, en…

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14 March @ 11:00 - 17:00
Amsterdam Nederland

Shell Must Fall, Code Rood & KOZP | Actieskillshare Dag #1

2020 staat in het teken van grote actieplannen. KOZP heeft beloofd ieder kwartaal een actie te organiseren om de strijd tegen de racistische karikatuur zwarte piet verder te onderbouwen. Code Rood is met de coalitie en actie Shell Must Fall van plan om in mei de aandeelhoudersvergadering van Shell, een van de grootste vervuilers en schenders van mensenrechten ter wereld, in Scheveningen te blokkeren. Terwijl onze actie plannen mogen verschillen, is onze strijd gevestigd in zelfde hoofdoorzaken, zoals racisme en…

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21 March @ 12:00 - 15:00
Museumplein Amsterdam, Museumplein
Amsterdam, Noord Holland 1071 Nederland

Bloc Against Climate Racism @March Against Racism

ENGLISH INVITE (short & sweet): You are invited to get Active & Collective to empower decolonial solutions to the environmental/existential crisis we face. Call to action by Climate Liberation Bloc: Climate Justice activists will march, chant, show solidarity and deepen our relations with groups united against racism. More info of gathering corner for the bloc will follow in advance to join the march. This call for action is supported by: Code Rood, ASEED Europe, Free West Papua Campaign (Nederland) Fossielvrij…

Find out more »
21 March @ 14:00 - 17:00
De Dam Amsterdam, De Dam
Amsterdam, Noord Holland Nederland

Landelijke antiracismedemonstratie 2020 STA OP Tegen Racisme

Route: Dam - Dokwerker De wereld schudt op haar grondvesten. Onzekerheid groeid door economische crises, oorlogsdreiging en door de klimaatcrisis aangewakkerde natuurrampen. Internationaal zien wij hoe extreemrechts en autoritaire leiders, maar ook delen van de gevestigde politiek, de woede hierover gebruiken om racistische hetzes tegen hele bevolkingsgroepen te voeren. Ook in Nederland neemt racisme toe, mede door de opkomst en doorbraak van extreemrechtse partijen, groeperingen en media. De haat in het publieke debat zet mensen aan tot verbaal en fysiek…

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“Future Beyond Shell” summit

16 May - 17 May
Den Haag, Den Haag, Nederland

On 16 & 17 May 2020, let's come together in The Hague (NL) for a meeting for stakeholders, not shareholders! Go to the Summit website to learn more about the Conference & Cultural Programme, Report Publication and People's Assembly.  Check out our partner organisations and FAQ. And please sign up to get updates and to get involved!

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19 May
Circustheater Scheveningen, Circusstraat 4
Den Haag, 2586 CW Nederland
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Blockade of the Shell Shareholders Meeting

With a mass action we will block, disrupt and cancel the Shell shareholders meeting (the Shell AGM). We are building a great movement to dismantle Shell, by any political, legal and economic means necessary and this mass action is part of that. Block Shell for climate justice! We call for a just transition for workers; reparations for impacted communities and ecosystems and a decentralised and socialised energy democracy for all. It's time to make Shell history. Let's go. #ShellMustFall

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