Support & recovery

Action is both necessary and good, but they can also involve stressful experiences. When we enter an action, we purposefully put ourselves in a possibly vulnerable position. The emotions can run high in different ways. There is often adrenaline involved with civil disobedience; (a form of) violence or intimidation can be used against you or your comrades. This can have an impact on you. Sometimes you notice it right away, sometimes not until you’re back from the action environment.

The Support & Recovery team (S&R, executed by the EARS working group) will be present during the action and at the camp. They have been trained in S&R and you can approach them for support if you are experiencing reactions or need information. This team is also on stand by in the weeks after the action for those who have been in an impactful situation. There will be an S&R space at the camp where you are always welcome to get information on resilience and recovery, to have a conversation or to create a de-stressing moment.

A very practical resilience training will also be held at the camp. This can help you to prepare for the action. Further, there will be briefings on resilience and recovery that run parallel to the legal team’s briefings.

This way, we address the needs that we have for support and recovery after/during the action or at the camp. Apart from supporting one another within affinity groups and buddy pairs, in which you discuss what you need from each other to execute the action pleasantly and resiliently. Besides S&R people, there will confidential support persons whom you can approach if you need to get something of your chest that is unrelated to high-stress events and reactions to them.

You can reach the Support & Recovery team by email: or by contacting +31682604069