Leesgroep Amsterdam, 15 november

Hegemony How To leesgroep

‘It is is time to talk strategy. Despite the growth of the climate movement, and unprecedented mass civil disobedience in the Amsterdam harbor, we are still a marginal force and probably nowhere near where we ought to be. So let’s get together and discuss the most important (but usually neglected) question: how do we change the world? How do we grow on numbers and diversity? How do we activate potential allies and politicize people we do not yet know? And what should be our next steps?

We do not have to agree on all the possible answers to these questions. But if we are serious about becoming a movement that’s capable of averting a catastrophic climate breakdown, then it’s time to have some collective strategic discussions and sharpen our analysis. Reading Jonathan Smucker’s ‘Hegemony How-To’ should provoke these essential discussions and help us with new conceptual tools that can aid us on our path.

This is a horizontally organized reading group that is open to all. Especially people that are involved in radical political projects or the climate movement are encouraged to join. We plan to continue with collectively determined readings after this book.

Interested in participating? Please send an email to cja_readinggroup@riseup.net, even if you cannot make it to the first session.’ For the first session you only need to read the first two chapters.

Locatie: De Nieuwland.

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