Power to the imagination: on art and activism

The central theme of this panel discussion is art. What role does it play in the public debate and how can it bring activism further? Who are the role models, and what are their strategies? From flashmob performances against the sponsorship of the fossile industry, communal projects to address racism and injustice, to utopian and dystopian science fiction, conversation will present and discuss various forms of art and activism.
Teresa Borasino (b. 1978, Lima; lives and works in Amsterdam) is a visual artist and activist. Her work addresses the climate crisis through various mediums – performance, installation, graphic design, and direct action. She co-founded Fossil Free Culture NL.
Patricia Kaersenhout (1966) is a Dutch visual artist and cultural activist. The red thread through her work is research into the African Diaspora, which she relates to the history of slavery, racism, feminism and sexuality.
Sumugan Sivanesan (Berlin/Sydney) is an anti-disciplinary artist and writer. Often working collaboratively his interests span histories of anticolonialism, fugitive migration, activist media, non-human rights and extinctions.
Moderated by Harriet Bergman.