Newsletter 17th of May 2017

Hello everyone,
Time for an update on CODE ROOD!
In this newsletter you will find information on:
The fifth action conference
The action and the climate camp
Upcoming events
The manifesto and the action agreement
This Saturday it is time for the fifth and the last action conference before the 24th. It is important to register on the website here. We start at 09:30 in Nautilus (Eef Kamerbeekstraat 1006, Amsterdam).
You can find how to get there on the website. If you have nice banners, bring them to make the room look pretty!
The programme is follows:
9.30 – 9.45: Entrance
9.45 – 10.15: Opening
10.15 – 12.30: Workshop session
12.30 – 13.30: Lunch
13.30 – 14.00: Short feedback from working groups
14.00 – 14.30: Opening for the new people
14.30 – 16.30: Workshops
– Info: What is CODE ROOD?
– Legal: What are the risks and how can we handle those?
– How will we continue after the 24th?
– Creative: make banners, slogans or songs!
– Mobilise: how can you get people to join?
– Press spokesperson: how can you convey our message?
16.30 – 17.30 Active Game
17.30 – late: Dinner & benefit in the Spinhuis
After the conference there is the benefit with food and music in the Spinhuis to cover the costs of the action of Climate Justice Amsterdam and Code Rood. The dinner will be prepared by Taste Before You Waste.
Important: if you are not in working group but would like to know more about the action then you can join during the lunch to participate in part 2 of the action conference.
The climate camp in the days surrounding the action is getting more and more concrete. The days will look as follows:
Thursday June 22: gather at 11:00 at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. We will go by bike to the location of the camp. We will build the camp during the day, in the evening there is some time to relax.
Friday June 23: prepare for the action. We will have trainings, legal briefings, finding an affinity group, prepare your outfit, follow a first aid workshop.
Saturday June 24: action day!
Sunday June 25: hopefully everyone is back at the camp. We can recover and relax.
Monday June 26: build down the camp and clean up. So all help here is still appreciated.
We have different info nights and trainings. At the info nights you can learn more about what civil disobedience entails, how the action looks and what the risks are. After this we will show movies and documentaries about similar actions. Of course there is room to ask questions.
Training collective Stroomversnellers will give trainings to prepare us for the 24th. In these trainings you can learn how to keep yourself and each other safe during the action, how to reach consensus with many people quickly and train yourself in special action tactics.
The following trainings are planned:
May 25 (The Hague)
June 03 (Appelscha Pinksterlanddagen)
June 10 (Deventer)
June 11 (Amsterdam)
Register now! If there are not enough registration the training will be canceled! The deadline for The Hague is today at 23:59.
May 24 (Nijmegen, De Klinker)
May 31 (Utrecht, Basta! bij Kargadoor)
The manifesto and the action agreement are online on the website!
The action agreement contains what we will and will not do on the action day and can be found here:
The manifesto can be found here:
5 #VanGogh8
As part of the global divestment mobilisation (GDM), Fossilfree Culture NL did an unannounced performance in the Van Gogh Museum last Friday, 12th of May. The subject of the performance was the toxic links between the sponsor, Shell, and the museum. Seven artists dressed in white dresses stood on the stairs of the museum and drunk ‘oil’ from the distinctive Shell shell. The seven supporters and two members of the support team were arrested and held under the charges ‘trespassing’ and ‘destruction of property’.
On Sunday a wake was held for the artists. Luckily everyone has been released.  Peaceful protest has been criminalised while Shell is getting rich with the destruction of the environment. The only upside is that the action of Fossilfree Culture NL has reached national news coverage.
We want to compliment the artists with their action. They truly are climate heroes. We can now continue preparations for the 24th with more experience!
The action date is coming nearer. It is increasingly important to bring as much attention to the action as possible. Spread the news in your own network, share the Facebook posts, invite people to the action conference or a training/info night, and of course tell them about the actions and all the different kind of possibilities to participate!
We hope to see you Saturday.
Kind regards!