Newsletter 29th of May 2017

Hi everybody!
Notice: If you understand Dutch, we send out a Dutch newsletter as well! Send us an email and we will make sure you will get that one instead:
Only four weeks left till CODE ROOD! We now have already 600 likes on Facebook, and over 500 people receive this news letter! We can feel the enthusiasm around the action building up! In the coming weeks this will undoubtedly increase even more.
In this news letter you will find:
– important moments to be present
– a call out for embedded photographers during the action
– a call out for the aesthetics weekend on the 10th and 11th of June
– the Standing Rock Tour
– trainings and info-nights (important: the training in Deventer!)
– our new crowd funding page
Important moment
– Thursday morning: building up the camp
To help build up the camp we have meeting spot: Thursday June 22, at 11:00 at train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk. From here you will get information on where the camp is. Bring, if possible, your bike! If you do not have a bike we will arrange some other form of transport.
– June 23: the Friday before the action
Civil disobedience is not something you should take lightly. Because safety is top priority for each participant we have trainings, but there are also other things that you need to take care of. It is best to be present already on Thursday, but if that is too soon then you should at least be at the camp on Friday.
The preparations entail:

  • form an affinity group. An affinity group consists of four to eight people who have made agreements on what they like and do not like during the action. These groups form the building blocks to effectively do a large action with hundreds of people
  • follow a legal work shop, learn what the possible risks are and how you can deal with that
  • follow an action training. We need to operate as one group, even if we are with hundreds of people. We also want to practice flowing through police lines.
  • gather your gear. We all want to look the same and the aesthetics working group is preparing nice suits for us. This will allow us to be a uniform block and protect our anonymity. Furthermore you may want to prepare lunch because a blockage can take a long time

This may sound intimidating, but do not be afraid! We can act well if we are well prepared. Together we stand strong! If you can only be present on Saturday morning then you can not do some of these things. Ask your questions or voice your concerns (mail to, come to one of our info nights, or (the best option) come to one of our trainings!
– Aesthetics weekend
To make the camp and the action look pretty we will prepare on the tenth and eleventh of June! We will make banners, flags and prepare the suits. Everybody is welcome because there is a lot to do! If more people can help we can make a dashing impressions! Everybody is welcome even if you think you have no skills in this area. The exact location and time are not yet determined. It will be somewhere in Amsterdam. More info will follow shortly through Facebook and on our website.
If you know you can be there, or have questions, mail
– Embedded photographers Code Rood
We are looking for people who are willing to take photos during the weekend. It is important to make sure everyone knows what this entails and to make agreements on where to send the photographs.
If this is something, send a message to the communications working group
– Standing Rock Tour
The most of you are familiar with Standing Rock and the oil pipelines that are built there. On Monday the 29th of May there will be a couple of Standing Rock activists in CREA (Amsterdam). They will be there together with Code Rood activists, TNI and Milieudefensie Under under the call sign Standing Rock Tour: De Milieubeweging
Besides that there is on Tuesday the 30th of May a Standing Rock Hiphop Concert & Dinner in the Vrankrijk (Amsterdam). There is a solidarity dinner and there are artists from Standing Rock. You can meet Code Rood people at both events and gain information on the action.
– Trainings & info night
The last couple of weeks there have been a couple of trainings. There are still a few yet to come:
Action training June 3, Appelscha
Action training June 11, Amsterdam  (registration required!)
For our friends from the souther part of our country we have a training in Deventer. Unfortunately there are not as much registrations as we would have liked. Go here and help us spread the word!
Action training June 10, Deventer  (registration required!)
We also have a more formal info night (than the Standing Rock events) in Utrecht:
info night May 31 in Kargadoor Utrecht
– Crowdfunding campaign
We also have a crowd funding page. It is better to donate to us directly, but now you have options 🙂
– Final words
Extra hands are very welcome in the days building up towards the action. So if you want to join us, come to an info night, a training or send a mail that you would like to help! The easiest contribution is to tell all your friends about Code Rood and convince them to join the action 🙂
Kind regards!
The communications working group of Code Rood