Press release 6 June 2017

CODE RED blockades the Amsterdam Harbor for the climate

Climate change is occurring faster than politicians are taking the necessary steps to deal with it. For this reason, on the 24th of June 2017, a large group of concerned people from all walks of society will be sounding the alarm; it’s CODE RED for the Climate!
In Amsterdam – the biggest gasoline harbor in the world and the second biggest coal harbor in Europe – this group will be stepping up under the name CODE RED in an action of mass occupation to draw a line against the fossil fuel industry.
On the 24th of June 2015 the Dutch courts delivered a unique verdict in the Urgenda climate case. The Dutch State was ordered to protect its citizens against dangerous climate change by taking measures to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions. ‘The government continues to push their responsibility for enacting these measures down the road,’ says Maarten, spokesperson from CODE RED. “Meanwhile, CO2 emissions are rising, the people of Groningen are suffering under gas extraction, coal stations are continuing operation, traffic flows are increasing and industrial livestock numbers are celebrated for being at an all-time high.”
Exactly two years after the historic Urgenda verdict a large and diverse group of people will gather in the Amsterdam Harbor to sound the alarm. On the 24th of June under the name CODE RED they will shut down fossil fuel operations there by means of a human blockade. Around and supporting the action a Climate-camp will also be held, from the 22nd until the 26th of June. This will be a place for discussions, connecting, and workshops.
The problem of climate change is enormous, and political and business leaders are taking insufficient action to combat it. In such circumstances civil disobedience is not only justified, but also necessary. We are going to have to make this happen ourselves
CODE RED will continue to take action until the aims in its manifesto are reached, and the Netherlands becomes a frontrunner in transitioning to a sustainable society. The warming of the earth must be held under 1.5ºC.
The action group CODE ROOD is part of a worldwide citizens movement against climate destruction by the fossil fuel industry. People are stopping coal-stations in India, pipelines in the US, brown-coal mines in Germany, fracking in Brazil and oil-drilling in Nigeria.