Newsletter 12th of June 2017

Newsletter CODE ROOD: only 7 days left!

Dear people,
In 9 days its time for the CODE ROOD climate action!
The preparation are reaching the final stage, and everything points towards a powerful action. Throughout the country a lot of people have followed an action training, a large group of people is coming to participate from abroad, and there is already interrest from several local, regional and national media.
It is not just about the action on the 24th of June, but also about the the 4-day climate camp. Here is an overview of the schedule:
  • Thursday 22 June is the day that we are going to built the camp. On 11.00 am we gather at Amsterdam Sloterdijk trainstation and from there we will got to the camp. Bring a bike if possible. It is important that we are with a lot of people, so if you cannot make it yourself, invite your friends!
  • Friday 23 June: trainings and workshops to prepare for the action. If you did not have the change yet to do an action training, then you can still follow an action training of 1,5 hours in the morning or afternoon. There is also space for music, screenings and discussions. Most important is the final briefing on Friday evening after dinner. If you want to participate in the action on Saturday, then it is necessary to be there.
  • Saturday 24 June: time for action! We keep the exact starting time of the action vague, to ensure that it becomes a succes. When you go to bed, be prepared to be ready for the action in 30 minutes after you have been woken up. This means: get out of your sleeping back, put your outfit on, grab your packed backpack, get out of your tent, go to the toilet and grab some breakfast.
  • Sunday 25 June: looking back on hopefully a successful action and time for relaxation.
  • Sunday 26 June: together we cleanup the camp!
The two trainings in Amsterdam filled very quick, but on the 17th of June there is an extra training in Maastricht. There are still spots available, sign up on the website. There will also be an extra info-evening in Wageningen on Thursday 15 June.
  • Bikes: it is useful to have bikes at the climate camp, especially for people from outside Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Do you happen to have multiple bikes that you can lend? Please, send a message to logistics!
  • Cars: if you have a car available on thursday 22 June, then you can help us with transporting stuff and people. We need to move tents to the action location, and shuttle between trainstation Amsterdam Sloterdijk and the location of the camp. Can you help? Send an email to logistics!
  • Photographers and moviemakers: we are still looking for people who can help during the action and the camp as photographer or moviemaker. There is already a team, but it can still use some support. On Friday 16/6 there will be a briefing. Is this something for you, or do you know someone? Send a message to the MeCom team!
  • 4G phones: the Media & Communication team is looking for 4G smartphones that can be used in the office-bus to send updates, pictures and videos to the world. Do you have an (old) smartphone with 4G? Or can you lend yours during the action day? Send a message to MeCom!
On Saturday the 24th of June (the action day) there is a support demonstration in the port of Amsterdam. Invite all your friends and family who are not participating in the action, but still want to support the action (and your participation)!
There is money needed for the climate camp and the action. Transfer your donation directly to the CODE ROOD bank account, and send this call to wealthy acquaintances. We ask for a voluntary contribution of about €20 euro per person for the camp and the action, and €7,50 per day for food. We would appreciate it that those who can spend more do so, and those who have less spend less. Every contribution counts!
See you on the 22nd!
Media & Communication team CODE ROOD