Newsletter 19th of June 2017

Newsletter CODE ROOD: only 3 days left!

Hi everybody,
The action is now really close. We are busy making the final preparations and we are fully confident that it will be a big success. The media is already reporting about us, for example in the radio show “Vroege Vogels” and in the newspapers Het AD and Het Parool. The municipality of Amsterdam has also sent us a letter about the camp and the action, more information on this further in the newsletter.

  • Gathering point for the camp
  • Letter of the municipality of Amsterdam
  • Climate camp
    • We are the camp together
    • The climate camp
    • Program
    • Contribution
    • Packing list
    • Panel discussion: Climate Justice: Examining Inequalities & New Futures
  • The action day
  • Support demonstration
  • Legal information
  • Looking for transport
  • Donations
  • Agenda

We will gather at the main entrance of Amsterdam Sloterdijk on Thursday, 11:00 AM. From there we will go to the campsite together. You can recognise us by our red overalls. If you are unfamiliar with the Sloterdijk station then it might be difficult to recognise what the main entrance is. We placed a couple of pictures that clear things up on our website.
We received a letter of the municipality of Amsterdam. Perhaps you have read this in Het Parool (dutch). In this letter we are offered a location for the camp. A problem is that the location is a bit too small for the hundreds of participants we are expecting and that there are some conditions that come with it. Still, we think it is special that the municipality attempts to provide us with a location. We are now talking with the municipality about the location and the conditions. Meanwhile, we continue with the preparations as planned!
The climate camp is at bicycling distance from station Amsterdam Sloterdijk and will last from the 22nd of June till the 26th of June. The exact location will be made public on the website, through this newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. The camp will be a place for discussion, and the meeting and training of people. It is open for everyone who is concerned about the devastating effects of climate destruction.

  • We are the camp together: This is a collective camp. This means that we together bear the responsibility to keep the camp running and cleaned up. During the plenaries there will be call outs to fulfil specific tasks. This can by any kind of task, from helping to prepare the food, to doing the dishes, occupying the info tent, to cleaning the toilets or taking up a shift for the security team. You can find the house rules for the camp here. You can download the handout for the camp with all the information here.
  • The climate camp: The logistics working group worked hard to make this camp beautiful. There will be a large circus tent for plenaries, food by Rampenplan, toilets, a bar and plenty of drinking water.
  • Program: The program of the camp is done! You can find it on the website or at the bottom of this mail.
  • Contribution for the camp: We ask €5 euro per person per day. We use this money to pay the Dixi’s, rent the circus tent and the solar panels. Besides this we have breakfast, lunch and dinner made by Rampenplan. For this we ask a donation of €7,50 per day. We appreciate it if people who can pay more make a larger donation. This helps the people who have less money. It might be possible that there is no ATM near the campsite, so make sure to bring enough cash.
  • Packing list: The packing list for the camp (and the action) is on our website here. The most essential things to bring are your tent, sleeping gear, identification, good shoes and clothes that may get dirty and get torn. The prediction for the weather is 25-30 degrees Celsius, so you might also want to bring sun screen (on alcohol basis).
  • Panel discussion: Climate Justice: Examining Inequalities & New Futures: On Thursday evening from 8 till 9 there is a panel discussion. In collaboration with the University of Color we will talk about the unequal distribution of problems caused by climate change. This is promising to be very interesting and a good moment to reflect on why it is important to take action.

Saturday the 24th is the action day, exactly two years after the judge determined that the Dutch government should protect its citizens against the effects of climate change. Unfortunately, the government has taken no action as of yet. This is one of the reasons why we have to act ourselves.
To participate in the action you should be present at the briefing on Friday the 23rd at 20:30. We recommend that you come to the camp as soon as possible to prepare. You should follow at least one of the legal talks and, especially if it is your first civil disobedience action, follow one of the action trainings on Friday.
During the action there is also a support demonstration for anybody who wants to support our action but can not be at the action itself. Invite all your friends, relatives and family members for this demonstration. You can find the Facebookevent here.
The legal tent on the action camp will be open all day on Thursday and Friday to answer your questions and to fill in arrestee forms. During the day there will be a number of workshops on the legal aspects of our action and on being arrested. The times of the workshops are in the program at the bottom of this email and on the website.
The most important aspects are the following: There is a chance that you will be arrested during the action. This is never a fun thing. However, we are well prepared so do not let this scare you. We have an arrest group standing by for any arrestees. They have brought the lawyer Willem Jebbink from Jebbink Soeteman Advocaten up to speed. He will be leading the defence if there is need for one. Preceding the action you should write the number of the lawyer and the arrest group somewhere on your body so that you always have it with you. When you are arrested you are not forced to say your name or make a statement. It is wise to only say one thing, and that is that you want to talk to your lawyer. It is also wise to prepare for a possible arrest: take any medicine that you need and ask someone to take care of your pets, and if you want to remain anonymous – bring nothing with you that has your identity on it.
If you have access to a car during the camp then we could really use you! Mail logistiek at if you want to help transport people and material.
Money is required for the camp and the action. It would be really nice if you help us by making a financial donation and support this call out by sending it to your friends, relatives and family that might also want to support the action. You can make a donation to Code Rood by sending money to NL55TRIO 0338 6023 80 t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA.

Code Rood will not stop after the 24th! We are busy building a movement. This is why we already decided on some dates to evaluate the past year and to start preparations for the next year. Mark these dates in your agenda!

  • July 2 – legal debrief: We have a legal team ready to help you in the case that something happens this week. If you have any questions after the camp about any possible legal consequences then you are welcome at the social and political centrum ‘t Nieuwland from 1 till 3 on July the 2nd.
  • August 5 – borrel and reunion: When we have calmed down a bit we will have an informal get together to drink something and share experiences.
  • September 16 – evaluation conference CODE ROOD 2017: We have reached a whole lot this year. A lot went really well, but there are of course also a lot of things that can go better next time. This day is reserved to talk through the whole process. Just like previous action conferences this will last from the morning till the evening, with dinner included.
  • October 21 – action conference CODE ROOD 2018: What are we going to do next year? If you want to have a say in what our target will be next year then you should definitely come by on this day.

We hope to see you Thursday!
Kind regards,

11.00-18.00h building up the camp
13:00-14:00h legal workshop
16:00-17:00h legal workshop
19.00-20.00h diner
19:30-20:30H legal workshop
20.00-21.30H panel discussion
21.30-23.00h Live Muziek: Bacchanalia (psychadelic cumbia)

07.00-09.00h breakfast
09.00-09.30h morning general assembly
09:30-10:30h legal workshop
09.30-12.00h action training session 1
12,00-13.00h lunch
13:00-14:00h legal workshop
13.00-15.30h action training session 2
16:00-17:00h legal workshop
15.30-18.00h action training session 3
19.00-20.30h diner
20.30-21.30h action briefing
*** There will also be room, on the entire Friday, to find and form affinity groups through a process called 'affinity group speed dating'. Check the info tent for more information on this. There is also time to prepare your outfit.

The action day!

08.00-10.00h breakfast
10.00-11.00h morning general assembly
11.00-13.00h debriefing affinity groups
13.00-14.00h lunch
14.00-14.30h Tihange solidarity action
14.30-16.00h G20 meet-up
14.00-17.30h Open Space
17.30-18.30h evening general assembly
19.00-20.30h diner
20.30-??     open Podium

07.00-08.00u breakfast
Build down the camp & clean up