Newsletter: Five Days Later

Hey everyone!
We did it! With more than 300 people we shut down the coal terminal in the port of Amsterdam on Saturday. We drew a clear line for the climate destruction by the fossil industry. It is amazing how everyone participated in their own way: in the towers or the camp. The first announced civil disobedience action for climate in the Netherlands was a big succes. We have won this first battle, but the fight continues!
In this newsletter you find:
  1. Solidarity with arrestees
  2. Retrospect
  3. Recovery, resilience and counselors
  4. Upcoming events
  5. Join a working group
  6. #Hemweg
  7. Donations
  8. Thanks!
Thirteen people have been arrested last Saturday. The arrestees were part of two groups. One group of eight people has crawled through the conveyor belt that connects the coal port with the power plant where they were attack by security with dogs according to our lawyer. At least one person got bitten by a dog. They are now accused of violence against persons and are still in detention. Another group of five people decided to stay in the coal terminal after the other activists had left the terrain. They were arrested later that evening and are accused of trespassing and violence against goods. The lawyers is angry that they have been in detention for such a long time and calls it “un-Amsterdam like”.
They will be brought from the police station Meer en Vaart to the judicial complex at the Parnossosweg on Friday between 7h and 19h. There they will be decided behind close doors whether the thirteen will be released or wait in prison for their court case. In the latter case they will have more rights than they have now, and we can support them better with clothes, money and letters.
All arrestees are doing okay and deserve our support. Whatever is true about the charges, they were fighting for a better society and against the violent fossil fuel industry that is disrupting the climate. At the moment the repression on the arrestees is getting stronger.
Updates from the arrestees group (AG) will be posted on IndyMedia. You will also find information on solidarity actions there.
Sunday from 13u until 15u we will meet in the Nieuwland (Pieter Nieuwlandstraat) to discuss how we can support the 13 further.
A lot of beautiful thinks have happened during the climate camp and the action on Saturday. Do you quietly want to look back? Here is an overview:
CODE ROOD was a strong and positive experience for a lot of us. But it can very well be that you had a less positive experience. After the action day we distributed the booklet Recovery and Resilience, the pdf can be found here. If you still have something on your mind, please contact our consolers. They are experienced people that can help you if you want to talk about about something.
CODE ROOD continues! The next dates have been set, to look back and plan the next steps:
  • 2 July – Legal debriefing. From 1 until 3pm. If something has happened during the action or the camp you can ask questions here. The focus will be on legal questions. Location: De Nieuwland (Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93).
  • 5 August – Borrel & Reunion. An informal gathering, once you have settled again it is to discus our experiences during CODE ROOD.
  • 16 September – Evaluation Code Rood 1.0. We have started this proces in November 2017. What is going well? And what can be improved? We want to discuss the whole process, but focus on the climate camp and the action itself.
  • 21 October – Action conference Code Rood 2.0. Of course we will continue, our goal is to build a large movement. But what is the next step? During this action conference we will brainstorm for new plans.
It might be a little early now, but if you would like to to help organising the upcoming events and work on a new CODE ROOD action, than join one of the working groups. At the moment we have eight different working groups: IT, Mobilisation (Mobi), Vibes, Facilitation, Media and Communication (MeCom), Logistics, Aesthetics, Intersectionality and the coördinating platform (copla) with representatives from each working group. Email adreses from the different working groups can be found on the website.
Can’t wait for the next CODE ROOD action? Join the action group against the #Hemweg coal power plant, and join the online actions against NUON!
The climate camp and the action day have cost a lot of money, for things like the toilets and the white suits. The recommended donation for the camp and the action is €5 euro per person per day. We would appreciate it when people who can afford more do so, to support those who have less to spend. If you did not have the chance yet to donate your contribution, than you can transfer to bank account NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA. And please also send this call for donations to friends and family that could give a financial contribution.
We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the succes of CODE ROOD. Of course all the participants, but also everyone else that helped, for instance with a donation of support on social media. Among others: XminY, De Rooie Cent, Cafe plak, Patagonia, Theaterstraat, Rampenplan, ADM, Greenpeace, Milieudefensie, PILP NJC, Arrestantengroep Amsterdam, Jebbink en Soeterman advocaten,, GroenFront!, Stroomversnellers, Nautulis, NieuwLand, Fossielvrij Nederland, Spinhuis Collectief and WG-Fonds. And a special shout-out to all anarchists. Without you CODE ROOD would not have become such a succes!
We hope to see you again soon!
Media and Communication working group CODE ROOD