Newsletter: Reunion, Evaluation & Ende Gelaende

Hi everyone!
The very first time CODE ROOD is already almost a month ago. With more than 300 people we blocked the coal terminal, and draw a clear red line for the fossil fuel industry. System change not climate change!
And CODE ROOD continues! In the coming time we will look back and evaluate the climate camp and the action. What went well? And what could be improved next time? After this we will start to develop and work on new action plans. But first, of course, the party on August 4th to celebrate our succes one more time!
In this newsletter you find:
  1. Evaluation form
  2. Borrel & Reunion: 4 August, Utrecht
  3. Evaluation Conference: 16 September
  4. Help with organising
  5. Ende Gelände: 18 until 20 August
  6. We are everywhere: Limity Jsme My in Czech Republic
  7. Upcoming events
  8. Donations
We would appreciate it a lot if you could take a minute or two of your time to fill out this online evaluation form  You probably have some feedback. We hope that everyone who came to CODE ROOD can help, also if you did not like the action and do not want to participate next year we would like to hear from you. How can we overcome these negative aspects next time? Or what was very good and would make you come back next time?


It does not need to be action all the time. Sometimes a relaxed get-together is also nice. So we are organising a Borrel & Reunion on Friday 4 August in the ACU, a political and cultural center in the Utrecht. The perfect moment to share your experiences and emotions about this first CODE ROOD action. But also simply to cuddle, share a drink, and enjoy the company of people who dream just as much as you about a better future.
We will start at 6pm with dinner (more information to follow!). If you would like to help preparing the food, let us know by mail.
Until 11pm we have the space for ourselves, and after this the Vitamine ACU disco will start, so we can even dance.
Please note: the Borrel & Reunion was first announced for 5 August! We have moved it to the 4th so that it would not be on the same day as the gaypride!
We can learn a lot from the first time CODE ROOD. What went well? And what could be improved next time? We would like to involve everyone in this evaluation: all working groups, participants in the action, visitors in the camp and people who joined the demonstration,
Did you find everything fantastic? Then keep this day free to share this. Did you really not like it? Then keep this day free to come by and share your experiences.
Would you like to help with CODE ROOD? For now we are mainly looking for people who can help with the logistics and facilitation of the upcoming events. Let us know by mail.
Or would you like to join a working group? Send them a mail!
The german action Ende Gelände is an inspiration for CODE ROOD. In May 2016 150 people took a 12 hour bus ride from the Netherlands to join the action in east-germany. Thousands of people blocked an enormous lignite coal mine and the neighbouring coal power plant. This year the action will take place just 40 kilometer from the Dutch-German border in Limburg.
There is a klimaatkamp from August 18 until 29. In the beginning from 18 until 23rd of August the climate camp will be there for the  Degrowth Summer School. You can follow lectures and workshops to learn more about climate change, social problems, politics, ecological wisdom, system change and much more. From 24 to 29 August there is a climate camp to support the action that aims to block the lignite mine and the coal power plant.
Of course a large group will join from the Netherlands. At the moment transport from Roermond is being arranged, and there will be a bus from the 23 until the 30th of August. More information can be found in the Facebook event Vanuit NL naar Ende Gelände. What is also nice is to join Time to Cycle, and go by bike to Ende Gelände.
To feel the right atmosphere of Ende Gelände, watch these and these videos. This gives you a better impression of how the camp and the action will be like.
At the same time as CODE ROOD a similar climate camp and action took place in Czech Republic: Limity Jsme My. On Saturday morning about 300 people drew a red line on the border of a lignite mine. Afterwards, 144 people entered the mine without any problems. In the end the police arrested everyone at a blockade of a digger, after which most people were released after a few hours. Limity Jsme My sees this first climate camp as a big succes, and hopes that more people will join next year! You can follow Limity Jsme My via Facebook.

There is a nice video from their action, as well as pictures on Flickr

  • Borrel & Reunion4 augustus is the reunion, a nice borrel and a good party to celebrate our succes! 
  • Ende Gelände: van 24 to 29 augustus in Germany, just acros the border of Limburg
  • Evaluatieconferentie16 september we will discuss what went well and what could be improved. Also possible to join a working group
  • Actieconferentie I21 oktober develop different action plans. Together we can make plans of what we want to do next year. Actieconferentie II: 25 november we choose our next action based on the plans developed in the fist action conference.
The climate camp and the action day have cost a lot , for thins like toilets and the white boiler suits. The aimed contribution was €5 per person per day for the camp and the action. We would appreciate it if those who can spend more do so to support those with smaller means.
If you did not have the change to donate yet, than you can still transfer your contribution to bank account NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA. And please also forward our call for donations to friends, acquaintances and family that could perhaps make a donation.
See you at the Reunion in the ACU on August 5th
Media and Communication working group CODE ROOD