Code Rood supports "We Reclaim Our Pride!"

As a defender and proponent of intersectional radical politics for greater social justice, Code Rood stands in solidarity with the Anti-capitalist Decolonial Intersectional Queer Solidarity Bloc and supports their planned action ‘We reclaim our Pride’ on the 5th of August.
With its origin in the Stonewall riots, Gay Pride was once a radical movement for the recognition of equal rights and dignity for the LGBTQ+ community. However, over the years, commercialisation and pinkwashing of the parade have eradicated the critical and liberatory nature of the former riots.
With this initiative, Code Rood is joining over a dozen other organisations to reclaim Pride’s original spirit: a disobedient act against hetero/cis-normativity and sexism, in solidarity with the struggles against racism, classism and other forms of oppression.
Politicians believe that ‘we are all in the same boat’ when it comes to combatting the climate crisis or celebrating Pride. But there is no Pride in celebrating ‘togetherness’ and ‘diversity’ with ING, Schiphol, VVD, Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie, Politie Roze in Blauw Nederland. We do not wish to be ‘in the same boat (parade)’ with companies profiting from the climate crisis and organisations discriminating climate refugees.
Against scapegoating in politics!
We want radical liberation for all!
For more information on the August 5th action see: