New Action Plans!

Dearest people,
The last action conference was already a couple of week ago. It was a beautiful day, full new ideas and enthusiasm. And the next action conference is already in ten days! So in this newsletter updates about:

  1. First action conference: fresh new plans
  2. Second action conference: which plan do you choose?
  3. Recap Ende Gelände
  4. Upcoming events
  5. Court cases
  6. Donations

The first action conference was all about making new action plans. How can we disrupt the fossil fuel industry with a publicly announced civil disobedience action with as many as possible in the coming year? That was the central question in this brainstorming day: from creative ideas to tactical consideration. In the end the following action ideas came forward, which are being developed in small groups now:

  • Aviation: is Code Rood going to put the forgotten impact of air traffic on climate on the agenda? Occupying an air strip in Schiphol?
  • Port of Amsterdam: is Code Rood coming back to the port of Amsterdam to ensure that the harbour closes for fossil fuels? This time larger and longer?
  • Groningen: is Code Rood going to support Groningen in the struggle against gas extraction? Occupying the NAM headquarters?
  • Port of Rotterdam: is Code Rood going to ensure that no more fossil fuels enter the port of Rotterdam? Occupying the largest coal terminal of Europe?
  • Giro de Blockadia: is Code Rood going to cycle through the Netherlands? With escalating actions every other day?

Would you like to help to develop these ideas further? Or do you have suggestions? The development groups can probably use your help! Send us an email!
The next action conference will take place in The Hague in ten days! The action ideas from the first action conference will have been developed further and will be presented. The next step would be to choose together which plan we will carry out in the coming year. How and where can we use our power as movement most effectively to have the largest impact? And when is the action going to take place? It is up to us! Come to the action conference and sign up now on the website! And share this facebook event!
Just one and a halve week ago was Ende Gelände, on the eve of the climate summit in Bonn. About 250 people from the Netherlands went to Bonn, with one clear message: we need to stop coal now to save the climate! On the 5th of November we successfully occupied the Hambach lignite mine for one day. Watch and share this video!
Put these dates in your agenda:

  • Reading group ‘Hegemony How-To’, Amsterdam, starting 15 november 7pm (today!). It is time to talk strategy. How do we change the world? How do we grow in number and spanersity? How do we make people poltically active? What should be our next steps? We do not necessarily need to agree, but it would be good to discuss these qeustions. This is a horizontally organised reading group. The book ‘Hegemony How-To’ from Jonathan Smucker will form the bases for the discussion. The location is De Nieuwland in Amsterdam. Mail to if you want to join (it will be in English!).
  • Action conference 2, The Hague, 25 November
  • Ende Gelände debrief & borrel party, Amsterdam, 2 December. We will be having an evaluation debrief borrel party on December 2nd at De Nieuwland in Amsterdam. The evaluation (for those who attended Ende Gelande) will be from 16:00-17:00. After that, starting at 18:00 we will have food and drinks for the group and anyone else who would like to join. We would love to hear your experiences and thoughts, so we hope to see everyone there!
  • Action conference 3, 27 januari 2018

Thirteen people were arrested during the blockade of the coal terminal in the port of Amsterdam on the 24th of June. Two court cases were planned last month, but they have been postponed. A new date is not yet known. When we hear this we will communicate it soon, so that a large group of people can be present to show support. It is important to be solidair with all people who fight against the social and ecological destruction by the fossil fuel industry. Follow this event for the latest updates!
Code Rood can use you donation! For the locations of the action conferences to the toilets on the climate camp, to flipovers for meetings or banner material. Aks your rich family members or friends: NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80, Steungroep NVDA. You can also give a contribution for the judicial costs of the thirteen we have to go to court for the action on the 24th of June. Mention ‘rechtszaak’ when you transfer money to the Code Rood bank account.
See you soon, at the action conference on the 25th of November!
Code Rood