Groningen & End of Year Drinks

Dear all,

Last Tuesday we took a decision: next summer Code Rood will take place in Groningen! Our apologies that this meeting was not announced in this english newsletter. We could use some help with translating! In this newsletter you can read more about the decision, our end of year drinks on Thursday, and our plans for 2018.

After our last action conference on the 25th of November, two groups started exploring the options for a Code Rood action in Groningen or in the port of Rotterdam. Last Tuesday they presented their plan. In Amersfoort we got together with more than 40 people to decide which plan we want to focus on next year. After a good discussion we managed to make a decision with consensus:

In 2018, Code Rood will organise a mass action or actions of publicly announced civil disobedience and a climate camp. We will make sure we have good contacts in the preparations and the execution, we will work together with people and organisations from the region, and will take movement building in Groningen in the longer run into account. We stand in solidarity with the struggle of the people in Groningen.

A new, temporary working group is making a plan for a date and will look into how we can take a good decision about this. We already know it will be within the period of June – September. This group is also looking into whether the action will focus on gas specifically, or on fossil fuels in general, and how we will deal with climate change and social justice in our communication. Finally, the option to do a smaller action in the port of Rotterdam, with the aim of influencing the decision-making process surrounding the extension of the coal terminal there, will be explored.

So: in 2018 mass publicly announced civil disobedience in Groningen! For Groningen and the climate. It is now time for action!

Help organise the action: join one of our working groups or send us an email if you want more information.

The year has almost finished and we would like to celebrate this with all our comrades from the climate movement during the Climate End of Year Drinks on Thursday the 21st of December in Utrecht. Together we will look back at many successful actions and evenets of 2017 and will also look forward to our beautiful plans for 2018.

Date: Thursday 21 December, from 19:30 and with a review of 2017 at 20:00
Organisation: Fossil Free NL, Code Rood and the organisers of the Climate Weekend
Where: Café Tropical, Utrecht. You can read more about the location here

Please bring a picture of your favourite climate action or moment of 2017. Together we will make a nice collage of 2017. If you can, please let us know through facebook whether you’ll be coming, so we know how many snacks to get.

Our next action conference will take place on the 27th of January! It will take place in Groningen (the exact location will be announced later on). This will be a good moment to see how you can help make Code Rood a success in 2018. But there are also a few questions which will need to be answered. For example how long the action will take (several days?) and where the camp will be.

Register for the action conference on our website, and invite your friends and acquaintances for the Facebook event!

See you at the New Years Drinks on Thursday!