Dance for Climate Justice

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Lydia Eisenblätter (Distillery)
Filtertypen (Yippiee)
Leontien ACDA
Reach (Baumm)
Recht Monoton


Code Rood and the Beats Against Coal collective are joining forces. We
are organising this party to raise money for the climate camp and mass
action against gas happening in Groningen this summer.
Music always played an important part in protest culture and we want to
continue to live up to this spirit. From Reclaim the Street raves in
London to Nazis Wegbassen actions in Berlin – the tech/house music scene
is political and we are taking a stand for climate justice and against
the fossil fuel industry that keeps destroying lives.

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Recommended donation 9 Euro

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We are not tolerating racism, sexism, homo- or transphobia, ableism, and other forms of oppression in any form