Newsletter: recap action conference, info talks & more

Dear all,
Dutch CO2 emissions have risen with another 2,5% in the last year. And last month alone the gas extraction in Groningen has caused 6 earthquakes. It cannot go on like this any longer. That’s why we’ve joined together to end it. Around August 28th we will take to mass action against the destruction that the NAM, Shell and Exxon are causing. The preparations are well underway!
Read on further for the last updates on the last action conference, the info talks and action training days that are coming up, and the ways you can contribute.


One and a half weeks ago we got together for an action conference in Groningen. With about seventy people we have discussed two important topics: the action consensus and our manifesto with the demands and aims of the action this summer. The action consensus is a document meant to make the action transparent and accessible for all participants. The concept manifesto was accepted. You can read the text here. The discussion’s results about the demands are currently being processed by the media and communication working group. Last year’s manifesto, that includes other climate justice themes, will stay valid. Also the concept action consensus was largely adopted. You can read the text here. We will go on to discuss three points and at the next action conference in June we will look if another consensus can be reached on the full document.


Would you like to know more about the consequences of the gas extraction in Groningen and the fight against fossil fuel industries? Come to an info talk! Or if you know people who would like to get acquainted with Code Rood, invite them to an info talk!
Here is an overview of the info talks that are coming up soon:

  • Nijmegen, May 16th from 20.00, info talk and film screening of Beyond the Red Lines, facebook
  • Gent, May 20th from 14.00, workshop
  • Deventer, May 23rd from 19.30, info talk and film screening of De stille beving, facebook
  • Liège, May 31st from 19.30, info talk
  • Groningen, June 5th from 20.00, info talk
  • Deventer, June 6th from 19.30, info talk and film screening of Disobedience, facebook
  • Den Haag, June 11th from 19.00, info talk and film screening Gasland, facebook
  • Amsterdam, June 15th

Is there no info talk planned near you? Check out here how you can help set one up!


Join us! Are you also helping to make Code Rood 2018 successful? You can contribute in many ways: join a working group, help set up an info talk, take on a specific task or spread promotion materials. Not sure what the best way for you to do something would be? Fill out this form on the website and someone will contact you to introduce you.
Find out here how you can get involved!


Shell is responsible for the destructive gas extraction in Groningen, but tries to evade responsibility. They have known since the 80s that oil and gas are disastrous for the climate, but they keep pumping up more and more of both. It is very clear: they put profits for shareholders before the interests of the people and their planet. And it is those Shell shareholders who are meeting at the Circustheater in The Hague on May 22nd. A broad coalition will take to action and demand justice, accountability and decisive action.
Join in on the Break with Shell action in The Hague or share the People vs Shell thunderclap on social media!


Code Rood and the Beats Against Coal collective are joining forces. We are organizing this party to raise money for the climate camp and mass action against gas happening in Groningen this summer. Music always played an important part in protest culture and we want to continue to live up to this spirit. From Reclaim the Street raves in London to Nazis Wegbassen actions in Berlin, the tech/house music scene is political and we are taking a stand for climate justice and against the fossil fuel industry that keeps destroying lives.
Come to the Dance For Climate Justice event in Amsterdam this Friday night from 20.00!


Your financial contribution is much needed to organize the action conferences, the camp and the action! In total, we’ll need €29.700 for flyers and posters, action material, gatherings, action training days and the infrastructure for a huge action camp – all that’s needed to get Shell, Exxon and the NAM down on their knees!
Donate now and spread our crowfunding call!
Code Rood
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