Can we count on your support today?

Dear friends,

The preparations are up and running for the action and the camp in Groningen end of August. And they should be. Despite the beautiful promises by the Dutch parliament to reduce the gas extraction, they, and the fossil fuel industry, keep postponing real change. There’s no time for that any more, ENOUGH = ENOUGH!

Last month we mailed you about the crowdfunding for the action and the camp. And it is going well: the first €5,000 is in, but your support is still needed! After all, fighting for a just transition bears its costs.
Can we count on your support today? Donate now by transferring to NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA)!

Together we built a strong movement to break the power of the fossil fuel industry. Code Rood is not a formal organisation – we run on the energy of hundreds of volunteers. Every euro you donate is used to enable the organization of the action and the camp. We do not have sponsors and would never accept subsidies – Code Rood is a horizontally organized movement and is not influenced by private interests. This action we execute altogether and finance altogether. 

So we could still really use your help. Spread the word on our plans and our needs! With just 1500 more people who each donate 15 euros we will be good to go. So please send this email to your friends, family and share the call for donations!

Do you want to know how the money is spent? Check out this link!

Would you like to join us as a volunteer? Check out how you can help here!

Can you help us get the materials we need? Check out the list!


Code Rood