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This week it became again clear that nice promises from politicians are worth nothing. The mass renovation of houses in Groningen was stopped. And last week the Dutch state appealed in the climate court case. This is how politics is avoiding their responsibility. That’s why we take matters in our own hands. On the 28th of August we will come together in Groningen for a mass action against the gas extraction!
Read more about the latest nows, including upcoming info-events, action trainings, how you can help and the next action conference.
Would you like to know more about the consequences of the gas extraction in Groningen and the fight against fossil fuel industries? Come to an info talk! Or if you know people who would like to get acquainted with Code Rood, invite them to an info talk!
Here’s an overview of the upcoming info-events in the Netherlands:
  • Amsterdam: 10 June from 12.00 at ADM, at the Anarcho Folk Festival
  • Den Haag: 11 June from 19.00 at the Ruige Rog, info-evening and film Gaslandfacebook
  • Maastricht: 13 June from 20.00 at Mandril, info-evening and film Disobedience 
  • Wageningen: 14 June from 20.00 at Vreemde Streken, info-evening and film Disobedience, facebook
  • Nijmegen: 14 June from 20.00 at de Klinker
  • Utrecht: 17 June from 17.30 at the ACU, info-evening and film, facebook
  • Amsterdam: 18 June from 19.00 at Joe’s Garage
  • Rotterdam: 20 June from 19.30 at the Poortgebouw, info-evening and film Disobedience, facebook
  • Amsterdam: 25 June from 18.30 at Plantage Dok, with Taste Before You Waste
And info-events and groups abroad:
Is there no info talk planned near you? Check out here how you can help set one up!
The first action training day has been planned too. Most people don’t just do actions every day. If you have never participated in a civil disobedience action, it’d be good to partake in an action training to prepare for Code Rood. People who have more experience are also more than welcome to come to share their experiences, meet new people and update their knowledge and skills. Together we’ll make sure we are prepared for a safe and effective action!
Join us! Are you also helping to make Code Rood 2018 successful? You can contribute in many ways: join a working group, help set up an info talk, take on a specific task or spread promotion materials. Not sure what the best way for you to do something would be? Fill out this form on the website and someone will contact you to introduce you. 

Find out here how you can get involved!
The next action conference is coming up. An important moment, because this will be the last conference before the action in August. This time the conference will be two days: 30 June and 1 July in Groningen. The discussion on the action consensus will continue, and we will try to reach consensus.
An action camp does not come by itself. But we can easily make it work with enough people. So help out! On 23 August we will build the camp. We also have to prepare food, so we need people who can help in the kitchen during the camp. Also the first aid team can still use some support. So if you can help with these things, send an email to the logistics working group and mention in the subject with which task (camp construction, kitchen or first aid) you want to help. We will contact you when the camp gets closer!
Your financial contribution is much needed to organize the action conferences, the camp and the action! In total, we’ll need €29.700 for flyers and posters, action material, gatherings, action training days and the infrastructure for a huge action camp – all that’s needed to get Shell, Exxon and the NAM down on their knees!
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