Action conference 30 June and 1 July

Dear all,
Code Rood is already happening in two months! On the 24th of August the Code Rood camp will begin in Groningen. Past Saturday was the first action training session for the mass action of the 28th of August. It was an inspiring day with an enthusiastic group op people. Watch the report by OOG here. This will be the biggest civil disobedience action for Groningen and the Climate, in the Netherlands!
The next action conference is coming up soon. This is an important moment as this willth of June and the 1st of July. On Saturday there will be a discussion about the action consensus and on Sunday there will be time for the working groups to meet up. This will also be a moment where you can decide to join one of the working groups. There will also be an open space where there will (among other things) be a discussion on how we will organize the sit blockade. We can take care of accommodation for Saturday night. If you aren’t able to join for the entire weekend then you can also decide to come for only one of the two days.
So sign up for the action conference on the 31st of June and the 1st of July!
The first action training session was a success! And the next one is already planned!  Civil disobedience is not something you participate in on your average Sunday morning. That is why it is a good idea to participate in one of the action training sessions. People with experience are also more than welcome to participate as you can share your experiences, extend your network and refresh your good old sit blockade skills. Together we can prepare for a safe and efficient action in August!
Sign up now for the action training in Delfzijl on 7 July or in Amsterdam on 8 July!
Floris has written a short column (in Dutch but you can still help!) about his experiences with civil disobedience and with a shout out to the action in Groningen. You can help to get this column published in the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands (the Metro), thereby we can reach 550,000 people and earn 50 bucks for Code Rood! The only thing you have to do is vote on the column of Floris:

  1. Go to the article “Het leven van een activist” (“The life of an activist”)
  2. Scroll downwards and click on thumbs up in the bottom left corner. You might have to quickly make an account.
  3. We get a 1000 likes, spread the Code Rood message for free and earn 50 euro for Code Rood!

Are you going to help as well to make Code Rood 2018 a success? You can contribute in several ways: join a working group, help in organising an information evening, do a specific task or spread promotion materials. Are you still unsure about how you contribute? Then you can fill in this form on website, someone will then reach out to you to introduce you into the movement.
Click here to find out how you help organising!

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    Your financial support is desperately needed to finance the action conferences, the climate camp en the action! In total we are expecting to need up to €29.700 for flyers, posters, action material, conferences, training sessions and the infrastructure to organise a huge climate camp – everything we can do to get Shell, Exxon and the NAM on their knees!

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