Newsletter: recap action conference & action consensus

Dear people,

This year alone we already had 20 information evenings, 6 action conferences and 2 action trainings. And that won’t be all: there will be even more action trainings and the 11 workgroups are very busy preparing the action camp. Because in less than two months it’s starting!

In this newsletter you can read about the past action conference in Groningen, the ‘ Limity Jitse Me’ action against brown coal in the Czech Republic and news updates concerning the gas extraction and upcoming action trainings.

One week ago, the 6th action conference took place, the last one before the action in August. And this time it lasted even two days! On Saturday we discussed the action consensus. An important issue was the meaning of the consensus for the participants of the action. We decided to define the consensus as “a collective framework that is undertaken by all participants of the Code Rood action in Groningen at the end of August 2018”. There was also a very good discussion about either using the word ‘non-violent’ or not. There were clear points of views for both positions. In the end we reached the consensus that the solution is to explain as clear as possible what we are going to do, but that it is also useful to further discuss this topic, for example during the action camp.

We continued on Sunday. Together we made an overview of all the things that already have been arranged, as well as everything still to be done. That day the workgroup Aesthetics got a kick start with a very fruitful collective brainstorm session about activities for- and the furnishing of the sit blockade. And this day, July 1st, was also the day that the contract of the EMO coal terminal in Rotterdam got elongated. Therefore we let the elderman of Rotterdam and the port sector know that another 25 years of climate destruction is unacceptable.

Very soon the program of the action camp will be announced. Apart from action trainings, briefings and other preparations for the action there will be 16 different parts. You can think of workshops, panel discussions, all kind of information about the natural gas extraction in Groningen, the struggles concerned with it and the beauty of climate action that is organised from the bottom up.
While many of the Code Rood group attended the action conference in Groningen last weekend, more than 100 people were in the Bilina brown coal mine in the north of the Czech Republic, to disturb the business as usual of the fossil industry, with nothing more than their own bodies and determined pleasure. In total around 400 people joined the action and approximately 30-40 of them got to the bottom of the mine. In this way the mine came to standstill. You can read a nice report here

Limity jitse me organized last year already such an action. This year the amount of participants more than doubled. We would love to see that also with Code Rood! It shows that we are part of a growing movement. More and more people are getting aware of the urge to get into action. Therefore we supported the action of Limity Jitsme Me in Groningen.

One month ago minister Wiebes stopped the reinforcements of 1600 dwellings that got unsafe because of the earthquakes. But last week the commity of Mines announced that the unsafe houses have to be reinforced as soon as possible. Again responsibility is being denied while the people of Groningen live now in unsafety.
And in the meantime the mining legislation  has been adjusted in a way that the companies that getting the gas out of the ground are less responsible for the damage they cause. How is that possible? It is no surprise anymore that the powers of the fossil industries and the government are enlaced for years.

There is no better way  to prepare for a mass civil disobedience action than to join one of the action training sessions! You not only get a lot of information about- and skills in civil disobedience, but you also meet a lot of other people interested in joining the action, or, if you already have experience in action, you can refresh your knowledge and share your experiences with others!
Sign in for the action training on July 13th in NijmegenAugust 18th in Amsterdam or on August 25th in the action camp in Groningen

Do you want to help to make the action and the camp a big success this summer? You can see here what stuff we still need. And please tell the people around you about Code Rood and how they can support us. We can still use your donation very well. You can transfer money to bank account NL55 TRIO 0388 6023 80 in the name of ‘Steungroep NVDA’.

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