Newsletter: action trainings, transport to the camp and action info

Dearest all,
The last action conference is behind us and the preparations are coming along. In just about five weeks the Code Rood action camp will kick off! It is now a good point in time to still take part in an action training and to orient yourself on the camp, the action and how to get there. In this newsletter you’ll find more information about the action trainings, about the action itself and about the transport options to the camp! What’s more, we included some information on what the action is about: what’s have the problems been in Groningen?


A few action trainings have already taken place, and they were quite successful! If you haven’t been able to take part in an action training yet, take your chance now to sign up for one of the following ones! These trainings are a good way to get prepared for the action. You’ll learn more about civil disobedience, practice action tactics, and exchange knowledge and skills. So also for experienced people this is a great opportunity to share your experiences and for those who are new to civil disobedience, it’s a great opportunity to get to know others who are interested in participating in the action around 28 August! The following training days have been planned:

  • August 11th in Utrecht: Sign up here
  • August 18th in Amsterdam: Sign up here
  • August 19th in Nijmegen: Sign up here

Importantly, there will be a last action training at the camp on 25 August for those who can’t be there for one of the earlier ones. Also for this one, please do sign up if you would like to take part! You can sign up here.


Have you already though about how you will get to the camp? If not, a few transport options are already organised.
A cycle tour is leaving from London and passing through many places in the UK and the Netherlands to arrive at the camp in Groningen on the 25th of August. There is a facebook event with lots of information and you can sign up on the website. The cycle tour will leave from London on the 18th, and it’ll make the following stops, so you can join from those locations too:
18th: London-Chelmsford
19th: Chelmsford- Harwich
20th: Harwich- Rotterdam
21st: Rotterdam- Utrecht
22nd: Utrecht- Epe
23rd: Epe- Meppel
24th: Meppel- Groningen
It is also possible to join the group leaving from Nijmegen. This group meets the cycle tour in Epe and so we can cover the last bit altogether. For this option there is a Facebook event and you can sign-up via email.
Another option is the bus leaving from Amsterdam. For this option there is a Facebook event as well and you can register on the website. If you sign up for this bus, you’re sorted for both your way there and back. We leave at 11.30 on the 25th of August from Amsterdam Sloterdijk. We leave the camp on the 31st of August for the way back. The costs for both ways are 10€.


More and more details on the action are slowly getting sorted out. Lots of information is appearing on the website this week! It is recommended to read up on what to bring, for example, on what we have decided in the action consensus, andon how we are organizing ourselves during the action. More information, for example on what to keep in mind to be able to execute the action safely, will follow. So keep an eye on the website!


The gas extraction in Groningen is a 55-year-old problem that has damaged Groningen and the climate since the beginning. Shell, Exxon and the Dutch state have profited of this fossil fuel enormously, whilst people in Groningen have suffered the damages caused by gas mining and the earthquakes resulting from the extraction, and they still haven’t gotten compensated anywhere near sufficiently for the damages to their properties and life prospects. Steps towards a just energy transition, away from damaging fossil fuel extraction and toward compensation, safety and a healthy planet are not being taken. That’s why we take to action and demand climate justice now. This article discusses the history of the earthquakes in further detail, and this one explains how the damage will continue in the future, showing how urgently money needs to be put down for buildings in Groningen to be fortified. This article describes how the fossil fuel industry has profited and the state has allowed them to exploit people to do so. Some additional information was made available in English here. The injustice has been going on for far too long, so it’s about time to disrupt these operations!


The action, the camp and the preparations will cost money. But apart from donating, checking out what materials we need is also a great way to help out! This way we don’t have to purchase as much, so we’ll need less donations! Donations can be transferred to NL55 TRIO 0388 6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA).
Code Rood