Code Rood camp in less than two weeks!

Dear people,
The Code Rood action camp starts in less than TWO WEEKS! In this
newsletter you’ll find more info that you need to know for the action
and the camp. There’s more legal info, safety info and info on
when&where you need to be to still join the mass sitting blockade. Read
on for (amongst other things) transport options to camp, the program,
the legal support demonstration and see how you can help!
Before the action begins it’s a good idea to take note of a few things.
The action consensus [1] is one of the more important documents and
there are a few points on safety [2] as well. For instance, it’s
important to know that we can’t have any open fire at/near the action
location and we shouldn’t take anything that could be considered to be a
weapon. Because there are explosive and toxic materials in the tanker
park itself, we will not enter the terrain and will stay on the road to
block access to the terrain for the tankers, this way we won’t have to
enter through the fences ourselves. It’s also good to check out the
legal info [3] and the information on support and recovery [4]
beforehand. At the camp there will be more opportunities to learn more
about these different topics, especially on the day before the action
(Monday the 27th of August). On Monday night the last plenary action
briefing will take place (the first one is on Sunday night). This is
also the last moment to still join one of the groups (‘fingers’) that
leave from the camp to the NAM tanker park in Farmsum on Tuesday.
Besides the Code Rood civil disobedience action, a completely legal
demonstration [5] against the gas extraction will take place on August
28th, organized by local groups. This demonstration is accessible to
everyone. For this support demonstration, participants will gather at
the Commandementsplein (a five minute walk from the Delfzijl train
station). Various people have been invited to speech at this square.
After that, participants will start walking toward the NAM tanker park
to encourage those participating in the blockade and return to the
square afterwards. The march will take about one hour.
In a few days two groups are leaving to join the Code Rood CYCLE RIDE!
There’s a group that starts all the way in London to cycle to the action
camp. You can join them from Utrecht and from Nijmegen! Check out the
website [6] to sign up!
Apart from the cycle ride, there will be BUSSES leaving from The Hague,
Utrecht and Amsterdam to the Code Rood action camp. They will both
return on August 31st. For more info, see also the website [6]. On the
website you will also find extensive INTERNATIONALtravel options.
Our friends from Ende Gelände have also set up a Börse [7]. This is a
platform where you can offer empty seats in your CAR or look for someone
with whom you can hitch a ride!
The program for the whole action week is now official! People like
Andreas Malm, Sandra Beckerman and Patricia Kaersenhout will be speaking
there and there will be plenty of space for action preparations: form an
affinity group, join the last action training, decorate your action
outfit and get better informed on the legal details, your own resilience
and the problems around natural gas locally and globally. The program
will be uploaded to this web page [8]asap!
This weekend our friends from the Climate Games in Switzerland
[9]stopped the oil port in Basel for hours! They are vocal about their
solidarity with Code Rood [10], so we have something to prove this
summer! It goes to show that we are a part of a growing movement of
people power breaking the power of the fossil fuel industries. In two
weeks it’ll be your turn, Shell, Exxon and NAM!
During the camp and the action we will have our own Code Rood
live-stream! At the camp we will go live for 20 minutes twice a day and
during the mass action we will give out an update every two hours. This
way everyone who is not (yet) at the camp or who can’t join in with the
action can still follow everything! During the live-stream there will be
space for interviews so you can share your story, motivation and
enthusiasm. Because we are all Code Rood! If you have suggestions or
ideas about the content of the live-stream, send an email to the media
and communication working group!
BUILDING THE CAMP AND CLEANING UP: Are you already looking forward to
the Code Rood camp and can you help to make it come alive? There are
people needed in the couple of days before the action week to help
building the camp and in the couple of days after the action week to
help break it down and clean up. Are you interested? Send an email to! Tips: it’s even more fun if you bring your
DONATIONS: A weeklong camp and a mass action, it may cost quite
something! Have you already donated? You can transfer to NL55 TRIO 0338
6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA), where you are partaking in the action
or just are supportive! It is also a good idea to bring cash money to
the action camp for both donations for food and for Code Rood. For the
camp a donation of 5 euros (or more) per day is really appreciated and
the action kitchen Le Sabot [11] will be offering three delicious meals
each day for a suggested price of 7,50 euros.
Code Rood.

Fahrradblockade Ölhafen Basel

Think global, block local! In solidarity with Ende Gelände, Code Rood, Hambacher Forst Besetzung, Unify No DAPL, Limity jsme my, Kohle er.Setzen, System Change, not Climate Change

Geplaatst door Collective Climate Justice op Vrijdag 10 augustus 2018