Only 6 more days until the Code Rood camp

Dear people,
The Code Rood action camp starts in 1 week! The complete program is
online and the last preparations are up and going. It’s a good moment to
think about how you’ll be getting to the camp and how you can help!
Have you already reserved a sport in one of the BUSES? We are leaving
from Utrecht on the 24th of August at 5pm to go to Groningen! You can
sign up here [1].
There’s a bus going from Amsterdam [2] too. All busses are returning on
the 31st of August, so we’re offering a return ticker for just a tenner!
Going one way will only cost you 5EUR.
Is your bike ready to join the CYCLE RIDE? We’re leaving from Nijmegen
[3] on the 22nd and from Utrecht [4] on the same day.
Are you still looking for a ride to the Code Rood camp? Or can you drive
and do you have a free spot to offer? Check out the Börse [5], the
platform where you can ride share!
The program [6] is now set and online! From storytelling around a camp
fire to a lecture by Andreas Malm, from interrogation training to art
space, there’s something for everyone. On the program web page you will
also find the program booklet and a more extensive description for each
part of the program.
You will get the chance to prepare for the action extensively at the
camp. Especially Monday the 27th of August will be all about the action
preparations. There will be legal briefings with space for questions
during the whole day. A top tip in advance: don’t talk to the police
[7]! The Support & Recovery team will talk about what they can do for
people who experience actions after high-stress events during/after the
action and there will be a moment where we practice the
‘finger’-structure. There will be a last plenary briefing, and there
will be space to form affinity groups (who knows with people you meet in
the bus [8] on your way to the camp, or who knows with other people if
you don’t know anyone yet), and on the 28th of August we’ll be ready to
Do you still want to take part in an action training? The previous ones
have been enormously successful, thanks to everyone who’s facilitated,
mobilized and taken part! There will be another action training at the
camp on Saturday the 25th of August. You can sign up here; [9] the
sign-up page is in Dutch but we can offer translation during the action
training itself.
Do you have a driver’s license and are you able to come to the camp on
the 24th, 25th or 26th of August? We could use your help! In order to
make the fantastic program come true we’ll need to pick up a few
speakers from the train station, and we still need some people who’d be
willing to drive. If you can do this, please send an email to And if you’re coming to the camp
from outside Groningen by car anyways, maybe you can also offer ride on
the Börse!
Heb je een rijbewijs en kun je op 24, 25 of 26 augustus al op het kamp
zijn? We kunnen je hulp gebruiken! Om het fantastische programma waar te
maken moeten er een aantal sprekers van het station worden opgehaald.
Daar kunnen we goed hulp bij gebruiken! Als je dit zou kunnen doen,
stuur even een mailtje naar . En
mocht je met de auto van buiten Groningen komen, misschien kun je ook
wel een plaatsje aanbieden op de Börse [5]!
We could use your help! During the action week we’ll be making one GIANT
BANNER comprised of many different contributions from Groningen and
beyond to make it very clear that the resistance against the fossil fuel
industries is alive and everywhere! We are looking for sheets of fabric
to be able to do this. See this web page for more information:
See you in 6 days!
Code Rood