Friday's the day – everything you

Dear people,
Friday’s the day! The Code Rood camp is starting. It’s looking to be an
unforgettable action. At this point the cycle ride from the U.K. [1] is
on their way to Groningen. Rumor has it that the Dutch police withdrew
all previously accepted requests for police leaves for the week of the
Code Rood action in the three northern provinces of the Netherlands. And
we are ready and determined to make our plans come true. Together we
will block the NAM’s tanker park in Farmsum on the 28th of August!
For this newsletter we made an overview for everything you need to know
before coming to the Code Rood camp! In this email you will find a lot
of important information on:
* The way to the camp
* Updates on your cell
* The camp program
* Preparing for the sitting blockade
* Action consensus & safety
* Legal information
* What to bring with you?
* Donations
The info on the Code Rood camp location got in today. The camp will be
very near Leermens, at around 4 km from the train station in Loppersum.
There’s a bus going from the train station, four times a day. Shuttle
transport will be available in case you’re not able to find your own
transport to the action camp. You can also still for the bus from
Utrecht [2], which leaves on Friday at 17.00, and from Amsterdam [2],
which leaves on Saturday at 11.00.
And see this link for the travel directions to the camp! [2]
Besides our twitter updates [3] we can update people on the action and
the camp using the Telegram app. Everyone who has a smartphone can
download the app here. Telegram is a way to safely communicate and is
similar to Whatsapp.
Click here to follow the Code Rood channel [4]!
An impressive program is ready for you at the camp starting Saturday.
Saturday and Sunday are all about discussion and depth as well as movies
and music. The program for Monday will revolve around the action
preparations specifically. On Thursday we will evaluate and discuss how
we can make both the world and activism more sustainable, and we will
focus on what’s ahead of us after the action. On Friday we will
collectively break down the camp. If you can, you’re encouraged to help
out at the camp whether that will be cooking, cleaning or whatever else.
Together we are the camp!
Read the program booklet for the action camp here [5]!
On Tuesday the 28th of August, the day also known for the historical
Groningen Liberation, we will take to mass action. From the action camp
we will head to the NAM tanker park in Farmsum, an important point in
the infrastructure of the gas extraction by the NAM. Here we will use
our bodies to block the tankers transporting toxic natural gas
condensate. Our sitting blockade could take more than one day and is at
a biking distance from the camp.
A big part of collectively organization and preparing the action will
take place at the camp. Monday will be the most important day for this.
On that day there will be action trainings as a way of warming up for
the action. What’s more, there will be various opportunities for forming
affinity groups [6] and you can get information on the legal aspects
[7]. Apart from that, we will be making banners and other action
materials collectively and there will be workshops on police
interrogations, First Aid during actions and dealing with high-stress
In the evening of Monday the 27th the last plenary action briefing will
take place (the first one will be on Sunday evening). This will be the
last moment to join one of the groups (‘fingers’) leaving from the camp
to the NAM tanker park in Farmsum on Tuesday. The more you can present
at out of this extensive collective preparation at the camp, the better.
The action consensus is a collective framework that is undertaken by all
participants of the Code Rood action in Groningen this August 2018. The
action consensus conveys that we take care of each other and that we
support each other, also in a large action such as Code Rood. “We say
what we do and we do what we say.” All people that accept this consensus
are welcome to join this action. Because of the extensive and careful
process and considering the goals it is aming to achieve the action
consensus is very important to us.
Important: read the action consensus [8] and safety guidelines [9]!
It is possible you will be arrested when demonstrating or participating
in actions. The arrest group (AG) team is there to support people who
have been arrested (and might be detained longer). They offer workshops
at the camp for elaborate information about your rights during
demonstrations and during a possible arrest.
Check out the legal information now! [7]
Are your bags packed for the camp and the action yet? Don’t forget that
the sitting blockade may continue into the night, so bring a sleeping
bag and if you want, a sleeping pad. And if possible, come by bike! Do
you have a spare bike? Consider bringing it to the camp as well.
Here you will find the packing list for the camp [10] and the packing
list for the action [11]!
Many people have contributed a donation already, many thanks! To
complete the funds for the camp we will still need around 10.000 euros.
A contribution of 5 euros (or more) a day would be much appreciated. The
action kitchen Le Sabot is offering three delicious meals a day for a
suggested price of 7.50 euro per day. It would be appreciated if those
who have a bit more can contribute a bit more, so people who have less
don’t have to spend so much.
There is no pin machine near the camp, so take cash money with you. Or
transfer donations to NL 55 TRIO 0338 6023 (name: Steungroep NVDA).
Make a donation now and share our crowdfunding! [12]
See you on Friday at the action camp!
Code Rood
[4] tg://resolve?domain=CodeRoodvoorGroningen