Code Rood 2018 was a big success!!

Dear people,
The action week of Code Rood in Groningen was a huge success! Thanks to
hundreds of participants in the action, volunteers, donors and people
who have spread our message we sent out a strong signal: the use of
fossil fuels has to stop now and its time for a fair recovery of
Groningen and the climate! With approximately 700 people we disrupted
the gas extraction of the NAM, by a massive civil disobedient sit-in.
During the action week we also created many bridges between movements,
through a rich and inspiring program at the camp in Leermens. In this
newsletter we look back, we offer information about recovery and support
and we also will look forward!
In the meantime the action camp has been broken off and the footage is
created. The video of the action you can find here and on our flickr [1]
you will find different pictures being made during the action week. And
we made the news in various ways! From the local to the national [2] and
internationally [3]! On the Code Rood YouTube [4] page you can also
watch many interviews, speeches and a recording of a camp program panel.
Action is necessary as well as good, but they can involve stressful
experiences. When we enter an action we wilfully place ourselves in a
possibly vulnerable situation; (a form of) violence or intimidation can
be used against you or your comrades. This can have an impact on you.
Sometimes you will notice it right away, sometimes not until you are
back from the action environment. Maybe you have seen the Support &
Recovery team in the camp or during the action, you can get in contact
with them also in the weeks after the action for support in your
recovery. If you are experiencing reactions caused by high-stress action
situations or if you need more information about impact and tips for
recovery you can reach this team by dialing +31682604069 of by email: See also the Support & Recovery
On behalf of the legal team we want to thank everyone for their
testimonies and sent-in pictures/footage. Unfortunately some people got
injured by police violence, some of whom are considering filing a legal
complaint. Did you experience or see police violence and do you think
that your report of this might contribute to legal proceedings, you can
still share it with the legal team (read below how). This concerns only
what you have personally witnessed and not what you have heard form
others. If you want to give your testimony, it will help the legal team
if you note the time & location specifically. You can also mention
police that were not aggressive, we are trying to get the ‘full
Keep in mind that -just like during the action – you don’t use names or
share other personal information about others over an insecure
connection! If you have email secured with PGP, you can mail us at (key in attachments) If you don’t know what
that is or don’t have it,you can contact us at the same email address to
discuss options and maybe make an appointment, if you think the
information you want to share might be sensitive. Final note: if we want
to use your story or
imagery in filing a complaint, we will ask for your permission, so
please make sure we can reach you for that.”
Less than a week after the end of the blockade of the tanker park of the
NAM in Farmsum, Groningen, Bram and Marcel are once again at the
location to stop the trucks with the toxic natural gas condensate from
entering. With the two of them they are making it very clear that this
resistance is not over yet. Until we win! They have been arrested and
are free again and you can support them by donating to the Code Rood
bank account for their legal costs (IBAN: NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80, name:
Steungroep NVDA), please include “Bram en Marcel” in the transfer
description. At the end of the sitting blockade the last action
participants of Code Rood walked by the group of justice in Groningen
_Ons laand ons luu_ to deliver the banners, in doing so symbolically
handing over the resistance. They had no idea this would be followed up
on so quite so quickly.
Power to you Bram and Marcel!
Once you start with action for justice you might want more. Check the
possibilities to join in local or international actions for the
collective stride for climate justice in the list below.
Here are already some dates to put in your agenda:
Follow-up Code Rood:
7 December: CODE ROOD BENEFIT PARTY @ OT301 Amsterdam
Climate Socials:
22-23 September: Climate festival Milieudefensie
19-21 October: Local Conference of Youth Netherlands
Actions abroad:
08 September: World actionday: Rise for climate
22-30 September: Skillshare in Hambi [5] /Hambach Forest occupation
13 October: Global Gasdown/Frackdown
13 & 14 Oktober: Free the Soil mass action meeting @ Hamburg
25-29 Oktober: Ende Gelände Actie [6]
13-17 November: Hannover Climate & Justice Games
16-18 November: Climate Justice Action network meeting (Czech Republic)
Code Rood is a grassroots organisation. This means that everything is
entirely organized by volunteers. Everyone who wants, can participate in
the decision-making process. So if you want to share your thoughts about
what we do, how we do it, our goals, or for example what should be
written in the manifest, you can join us. There are 11 different working
groups. Many hands and heads make the work light. The working group Camp
for example, is taking care of everything concerning the camp, MeCom is
among others engaged in the social media and press, IT & Webteam takes
care of the website, and so on. (facilitation, mobilisation,
intersectionality, program, EARS, Legal, …). If you are interested to
organize an information-evening, spread promotional materials, develop a
program or make up actions and strategies: you can look for the email
addresses of the working groups on the site: [7]
More climate justice, more action! To continue our people power and make
the movement grow, more evaluation conferences, action conferences and
mass civil disobedience actions are to come. Would you like to
contribute to this? Make a donation to NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 (name:
Steungroep NVDA). This bank account can also be used for camp donations
for those who wanted to contribute back in Groningen but did not have
the cash to do so.
Love, recovery and revolt,
Code Rood

Police use batons, pepper spray to break up Groningen anti-gas demo


Skillshare in Hambi from 22.9-30.9.2018