Lost & Found

Some stuff was left at the camp, thing like tents, sleeping bags,
trousers and raincoats. If you lost something, or if you recognise
your stuff on the pictures below, you can send a mail to
coderood-mobilisatie@lists.riseup.net and make an appointment for
transport. You have
roughly two options:
– If you live in the Netherlands, you can wait till somebody drives
from Groningen to the west and you can pick up your stuff at an agreed
– If you are in a hurry or live far away, you can send your address
info to coderood-mobilisatie@lists.riseup.net and pay for the
transport via the
donation account of code rood specifying L&F and your name. Your stuff
will be send to you.
A few special items were found: a credit card, a wallet two telephoes  an ID, a diary, a
data-glove and a 25 cm height ornament that looks somewhat like the
tripod of Neptune and this last item has been placed temporarily in
the “sacred space” that hat has been constructed at the terrain of the
In about four weeks the reusable material will be added to the
Code-Rood material for future actions, or given to charity. All the
rest will be discarded.