Evaluation conference: strengthen the movement, celebrate succes!

photo: Tim Wagner

At the end of August we wrote history with hundreds of people. Together we blocked the NAM tank park in Delfzijl. Because the government let it happen that the NAM, Shell and Exxon get away with billions of profit, without taking responsibility for all the damages that they are causing. That is why we drew a clear red line and blocked the tank park. For the future of Groningen and the climate!
A month later we meet again. On the 29th of September we will look back and ahead in Groningen. What went well? And what could we do better next time?
Everybody is welcome. Even if you did not take part in the action or visited the camp, you can drop in to get a taste of Code Rood and see if being more active in the movement would fit you.  But the 29th will also be a day were we can meet again, and celebrate our succeses together!
The exact program, times and location will be announced shortly.