Action Training Maastricht 20 October

This action training in Maastricht (20 October) to prepare for the Ende Gelände action against the destructive mining of lignite and to preserve the Hambach Forest.
Participating in actions is not something you do every day. That’s why, together with Stroomversnellers, we are organising an action training  to prepare ourselves for the Ende Gelände action at the end of October.

The training is suitable for all experience levels. People with no or little experience in civil disobedience are strongly encouraged to participate in a training before the action. Participants with more experience are very welcome to share their experiences, make new contacts and refresh their skills. So, if you want to participate  please consider following a training. Not only for yourself, but also for your fellow activists! These trainings are essential because they teach us how to remain safe, and also how to act efficiently and effectively. Also on the program is the safety risks, group forming, how ‘affinity groups’ work and practicing action tactics.
You need to register for the trainings. This is very important because if there are too little registrations the training will be canceled.
The training begins at 10 o clock and ends at 6. It costs between 5 and 15 euros to participate in the trainings (depending on how much you can miss)! You will get lunch, coffee & tea and we can compensate Stroomversnellers.
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