Are you coming to Ende Gelände?

Dear people,

It’s been almost two months since we started to built our action camp in Leermens. With hundreds of people we blocked the NAM terminal park in Farmsum. A beautiful victory – and meanwhile the fight against the fossil fuel industry continues!
People in Groningen have blocked the terminal park again three times. This remains necessary: the NAM is not only causing earthquakes and climate change, they also leak toxic natural gas condensate into a neighbourhood. And while the IPCC highlighted again the urgency of the climate issue in a new report, the Dutch state lost their appeal in the higher court in the climate case. It is clear: if the government does not do it, then it is up to us to take action to stop the fossil fuel industry.

With our camp and the action in August we got a lot of support from the German movement. Now it is our chance to support them. from 25 to 29 October is Ende Gelände, just across the border with Limburg. Two weeks ago, the court ruled that the clearing of the Hambacher Forrest cannot start. About 50 thousand people came together to celebrate this victory; and they demonstrated fro the end of the coal era. At this moment the German government is discussing the phase-out of coal. And the company RWE just wants to continue with the destructive lignite mining. We will not let that happen. With thousands we will block the Hambach lignite mines and surrounding infrastructure with mass civil disobedience.
People from all over Europe are joining forces to make this Ende Gelände a historic moment for the climate. There are 22 busses coming to the camp and even a train from Prague with stops in Leipzig, Hannover and Berlin – with over thousand seats. Code Rood is organising two busses from the Netherlands. Only a couple of spaces are free, so make sure to sign-up fast.