Ende Gelände, Resistance in Groningen and a Festival for Code Rood!

Dear people,
Last week it was Ende Gelände! Once again thousands of people willingly and knowingly broke the law for an immediate and just phasing-out of lignite. During a whole day and a night the action participants have blocked the train tracks, on which fossil fuel conglomerate RWE transports coal, with their bodies. Also, the resistance against the gas extraction by the NAM, Shell and Exxon in Groningen is growing after the news that there are frequent leakages of toxic natural gas condensate at the Farmsum tanker park. Read on further in this newsletter about these actions and what’s next for Code Rood.
Some 6500 people participated in the mass civil disobedience action in Germany to fight for climate justice. This was the largest civil disobedience action against the fossil fuel industry in European history! This goes to show once again that we are a part of a growing movement that won’t stop until fossil-free world arrives.
140 people traveled there from the Netherlands, many of whom organized themselves with Code Rood for transport. Check out the video here (it depicts light police violence).
This action is also a part of a longer fight for the protection of the Hambach forest, which is threatened by the expansion plans of the coal company RWE. The action has also cost money. On the Ende Gelände website you’ll find more information about the action and on how you can financially support them.
Recently, it became clear that there is a toxic leak at the storage location of the natural gas condensate in Farmsum, which puts the health of people in Farmsum at risk. The life-threatening consequences of natural gas extraction in Groningen are increasing, whilst clarity and certainty are decreasing. During further investigation showed that leakages happen more often, including during the Code Rood sit-in in August.
In response to the leakage, a local action group has blocked the entrance to the tanker park. The entrance to the tanker park has been occupied before, by the participants in the last Code Rood action, amongst others.
Enough disgrace to go around for the NAM. In addition to the news about the leakages, it’s come out that the ‘Centrum Veilig Wonen’ (Centre for Safe Living), which was erected to help those with damages from the natural gas extraction, mad 2,5 million euros of profit in 2017! Business and politics as usual keep putting profit before people.
Luckily over a hundred people were at the Centrum Veilig Wonen yesterday to protest the economic injustice perpetrated by Shell, Exxon, the State and the NAM, which is more than last year! Until we win!
The resistance unites on the dance floor to celebrate the successful Code Rood mass direct action for climate justice in Groningen and to meet new friends to make history again next year! While this event is organized by people active in Code Rood we want to encourage actively inviting your social justice friends who might be active in other areas/groups. The party at OT301 Friday the 7th of December provides a great opportunity for more people to get to know Code Rood folks. Come early for some playful introduction into the resistance.
We still need some help with promotion before and decorations at the night itself. To share the promotion endeavor we would like to invite everyone to think of 2 friends who might be interested in the resistance and reach out to them personally.
Want to help out with the party? mail coderood-party@lists.riseup.net
After the successful action in August we will, of course, continue! To keep the movement growing, there will be more actions, action conferences, action camps and so on. Do you want to contribute? Transfer a donation to NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA).
Code Rood