The Action Season Has Started

The demand for action against climate destruction is becoming louder and louder and more and more people are getting involved! On the 10th of March we marched, despite the cold and the rain, with over 40.000 people from the Dam to Museumplein in a legendary Climate March. On the 23rdof March we joined the anti-racism march to put climate racism on the agenda. But, as attention for climate change grows, so does the resistance against climate policies. The huge growth of the climate-denying, white nationalist Forum voor Democratieis something we cannot and will not ignore. We therefore actively work on building strong collaborations with other movements and groups fighting injustice, inequality, exclusion and oppression. Because we’re all part of the same struggle and together we are stronger. And together we can achieve more. In this newsletter we inform you about plans and actions that you can join!
On the 16th of March we organised an action conference in Amsterdam, where we discussed 9 possible actions for Code Rood in 2019. This conference did not lead to a clear and final decision, so we met again on the 22nd of March in an open meeting.  At this meeting we decided together on our goals and priorities for 2019.  Op deze vergadering hebben we gezamenlijk besloten over de doelen en prioriteiten voor 2019. Right now, we are working behind the scenes on the details of our plans. Soon, we will share more information, but be prepared for something BIG! If you want to join the further development of the plans, please contact
ENDE GELANDE – 19-24 JUNE 2019
From 19 til 24 June, the German coalition Ende Gelände organises civil disobedient actions against the lignite indsutrie in the Rheinland area. And it is becoming a tradition by now: Code Rood, Groenfront! and ASEED organise the Dutch participation in Ende Gelände. We will organise busses and action trainings ahead of the action. More information can be found at this website. And we recommend you keep an eye on facebook as well!
Please note: Our Action Conference weekend, that we planned on the 11th and 12th of May is being postponed! We will share a new date soon, which we expect to be in June or July so we can work together on our action plans.
Power Beyond Borders is a mass summer mobilisation organised by Reclaim the Power in the UK from 26 July to 1 August 2019involving a mass camp and mass actions actions against i) new gas infrastructure ii) in solidarity with groups fighting state violence against migrants.
This action has been chosen as one of Ende Gelände’s two international actions that they are supporting and promoting in 2019. Reclaim the Power are making their first international call-out to European comrades to join them for the first time in taking action against both the border industry and against new gas fired power stations at one action camp in July this summer. The aim is shut down a piece damaging energy infrastructure & shut down part of the border industry.
Please email to register your interest in joining the Dutch group heading over there to take action together this July.
Last month we worked together with the eco-village of Diamondiaal in Almere to organise the bloc against climate racism and the anti-racism march.  Now the people in the village are threathened with eviction. Without a suitable living solution for the inhabitants. This is the sad outcome of poor policy and greed.
We find this unjustified and unacceptable and support for the people at Diamondiaal is needed. Here you can find more information about the case. On Friday the 12thof April there is a courtcase, where you can go to show support and solidarity. Groenfront! Almere organises several events and support actions in which you can join. More information on this can be found here. Also, you can sign a petition to stop the eviction.
In more than 35 countries, Extinction Rebellion (XR) kicks of weeks of rebellion as of the 15thof April. The rebellion weeks will include protests and civil disobedience to resist against the ecological crisis we are facing. Hundreds of the people in the Netherlands will join in actions and break the law to disrupt public life.  XR  NL demands that the Dutch government speaks the truth about the ecological crisis and takes real action. On the website of Extinction Rebellion NL you can read all political demands.
On Monday the 15th, the protests start at 15.00 in The Hague, with the ‘Declaration of Rebellion’. After this, actions follow throughout the country. The full programme is available on the website and it is recommended to keep an eye on Facebook for the latest updates.
Apart from helping with action plans, joining actions and supporting Diamondiaal, you can also support climate justice from behind your computer. Tell the people around you about Code Rood and how they can support! Donations are also always welcome:  NL55 TRIO 0388 6023 80 t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA.
Power to the people!
Code Rood