On the action conference of the 16th of March we talked about nine proposals for projects and actions for Code Rood. All proposals were great and for all of them we saw reasons to go ahead and do them. However, we were able to identify the following trends:
There is enthusiasm for an action in May. Either the blocking and disrupting of the Shell AGN the 21st of May or the blocking and disrupting of the Flame Gas Conference (Of which Shell is also a participant) May 13-15.
Besides that action there is enthusiasm to do another project at around the end of the summer.

  1. A camp without a mass action in the Rotterdam harbour. To practice and to scout and get to know the terrain.
  2. An action without a camp in the Amsterdam harbour.
  3. A camp with actions against the Zuidas, where arms dealers and letter box companies are stationed.

On Friday the 22nd of March we will have an open meeting and work towards a decision.
More information about the location will follow.
Fill in the form below if you plan on coming. We can send you an update if we know more about the agenda and the location. It also helps us because it is convenient to have an idea of how many people are planning to come.
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