Attend an Actiontraining!

Civil disobedience isn’t something you do every day.  Together with Stroomversnellers, we’re organising a number of trainings so everybody can participate well prepared.  And so you can better decide if you want to take part on the 28th of August.
These action trainings are meant for various levels of experience. People with little experience in civil disobedience are advised to follow a training.  Participants with more experience are very welcome to share those experiences, to make new contacts, and freshen up their knowledge.  So if you want to take part in an action, think about doing a training. Not just for yourself, but also for you fellow activists!
During the training we prepare ourselves for remaining safe during an action, but also how to be effective, and efficiënt in our activism.  Special attention is given to safety risks, forming groups, and specifically the method of grouping ourselves in ‘affinitygroups’.  We’ll also practice specific action tactics.
You need to register for the training (on the separate page of each training). This is very important: if too few register, we cannot do the training.  But there is also a maximum number of participants, so make sure to register in time.  In the week before the training, you’ll receive an email with details and tips for preparation.
A training usually starts at 10:00 in the morning, and ends at 18:00. The costs for participation are 5-15€ (depending how much you can contribute). From this we pay coffee, tea, lunch, the location, and we can pay the  Stroomversnellers trainers.
More details+registration at separate events at the top.
NB: trainings will be in Dutch, but translation can be provided. If you need translation from Dutch to English, please let us know by putting English behind your name on the sign-up form.