We are at the beginning of a rapidly escalating climate crisis. Already, the survival of millions of people worldwide is threatened. Meanwhile, fossil multinationals like Shell continue their devastating, business-as-usual policies. That is why we are taking action.

With the Shell Must Fall! campaign we are building a movement that can dismantle the power and destructive activities of fossil multinationals. We demand an end to the age of Shell; a fair transition for fossil industry workers; recovery for affected communities and ecosystems; and a socialized energy democracy for all!

We come from different social movements and political currents and are part of a growing call for systemic change and climate justice. Anyone who subscribes to the ideas and principles in this text can organize actions independently under the banner of Shell Must Fall.

  • In our actions, the safety of all humans involved (including participants, workers, and bystanders) is our highest priority. We share the responsibility to care for and support each other. For our health and the health of others, we follow the Corona recommendations of health experts in our actions. 
  • We oppose all forms of oppression and do not tolerate racism, sexism, validism, and other forms of discrimination. We strive to be as inclusive as possible so that people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities feel safe and are able to participate.
  • We organize ourselves in a horizontal and democratic way. We believe it is important that everyone is heard and can contribute.
  • We do not believe that the ecological crisis and the climate crisis can be solved within the capitalist system, which is based on exploitation and depletion. We want to shape our actions and collaborations in a way that is inspired by the future we are fighting for.
  • We recognize that social change always results from a combination of different forms of resistance, including civil disobedience. The struggle against Shell is no exception. Depending on the context, actions are announced publicly or not. 
  • We protect ourselves and each other against possible violence and repression from third parties, including the State and therefore hide – where necessary – identity information of activists, such as (last) names, telephone numbers, emails, and address details.
  • We stand in solidarity with other climate, environmental, and social justice fighters in the Netherlands and worldwide. We do not allow (eco)fascists, reactionaries, or greenwashers to hijack or infiltrate our movement.