This action agreement is intended to inform and prepare the participants of the openly announced mass disobedient actions against Shell in May 2020. It provides guidelines on what to expect from and how to behave during the action. We expect all participants to agree with this document and we will make sure everyone is aware of its content. In short, we will follow the principle of “saying what we do and doing what we say”.

WE ACT IN UNITY. On 19 May 2020, we will block, disrupt and cancel Shell’s Annual General Meeting. We will do so by means of disobedient acts, deploying tactics such as blockades, swarms and creative interventions. We will form affinity groups, blocs/fingers, and use our bodies and collective determination to overcome obstacles in order to reach our destinations.

SAFETY AND CARE COME FIRST. The safety of everyone involved (including participants, workers and bystanders) is our utmost concern. We will behave calmly and responsibly, we will not put anyone in danger and will deescalate police violence whenever it is possible. Together we share the responsibility for taking care of and supporting each other. We want to create a safer space in which we hold each other accountable for our actions.

DIVERSITY OF TACTICS. We acknowledge that social change is possible only with the combination of diverse forms of resistance, and the climate justice struggle is no exception. Considering the severity and urgency of the climate crisis, we consider it both necessary and legitimate to organize mass civil disobedience actions. While we embrace various tactics in general, we will be deploying them selectively and strategically in this action. We won’t harm any living beings, and do not intend to damage public property.

INCLUSIVE PARTICIPATION. We recognize that hierarchical and oppressive structures that shape our societies are also present in ourselves and our movements. Participation is not about which bodies we have, but about our collective determination. There are multiple ways of participation, in order to accommodate and empower people with diverse forms of experience, comfort levels and abilities. All roles and tasks are of equal importance for the success of this action and our victory is the result of our common effort, not heroic actions by individuals.

COLLECTIVE LIBERATION AND SOCIAL JUSTICE. We aim for shaping our actions and communities inspired by the future we are fighting for. When we are consciously embedding feminist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, queer and class perspectives in our movements, we can make them grow more inclusive, resilient and diverse. We are firmly opposed to all reactionary and nationalist attempts to co-opt the resistance against the fossil fuel industry. We will not let (eco)fascists and greenwashers highjack or infiltrate our movements.