Part 1: Shell Must Fall -> background and strategy

Part 2: Practical tips

Part 3: Action inspiration

We encourage local groups and individuals to organise a local Shell Must Fall action on the 18th of May 2021, the day of Shell’s annual shareholdersmeeting. You can read our action call out here and our FAQ here! Even during Corona times, when travelling is harder and we should protect our own and other people’s health, we should not be silenced! We will not stop until Shell has been stopped. It’s time to make Shell history!   

Guiding principles 

Local actions should respect our action principles.

The safety of all participants should be tantamount. Therefore, we advise activists to work in small groups and to maintain the prescribed safety distance of 1,5 meter from each other.

Inform us about your action if you need support. We are happy to see how we can support you!  

Key demands and messages 

Our demands are: 

  • DISMANTLE SHELL by any legal, economic political means necessary;
  • provide a JUST TRANSITION for the workers in the fossil industry;
  • ensure REPARATIONS for impacted communities and ecosystems;
  • build a decentralised and socialised ENERGY DEMOCRACY for all 

Key message:  

It is a fantasy that Shell will ever become a fair ecological company.

Given its structure as a private multinational corporation, Shell’s management will continue to maximize profit for its shareholders at all costs. We know the results: corruption scandals, mass layoffs, earthquakes in Groningen, a polluted Niger Delta, and the climate crisis. The Shell Must Fall coalition therefore says:

Split off the sustainable energy parts of the company and place them under democratic control; dismantle all other parts of the company, repair the damage done, ensure green jobs for workers and phase out oil and gas.

Ideas for banners 

Looking for inspiration for a banner? Check out some ideas here! In our mobi-kit you will find templates of our logo and stickers etc.  


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