Get involved!

Code Rood is a grassroots organisation. That means that everything is arranged by volunteers. Everyone who wants to can take part in decision making. So if you have ideas on what we are doing, how we are doing things of what our aims are, then you can come to an action conference.

In case you wan to help us organise things, you can join a working group, help to organise an information evening , help out with these tasks  or spread flyers and other promotion material.

In case you cannot directly contribute, you can still support us with money. We are fully independent! To safeguard this independence we only accept gifts.

The easiest way to help us is to spread the word about code rood, the action conferences, this year’s action camp,  the camp program, and  the legal support demonstration. Talk to your friends,  use Facebook, twitter , and  other social media to share our events.