Code Rood is a horizontally organized movement that uses civil disobedience to stop the fossil fuel industry and protect the climate.

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Contact for the Press

Press Invitation August 15, 2018

Mass sit-in to bring a halt to the gas extraction in Groningen

Groningen, 15/8/2018. From  August 24-31, hundreds of activists from all over Europe will come together at the Dutch climate camp near Groningen, organized by the Dutch climate justice coalition Code Rood (Red Alert). On August 28, Code Rood calls for blockades of the local gas infrastructure. This action of civil disobedience is to emphasize their demand for an immediate phase-out of fossil energies in Europe. The gas extraction in Groningen has caused damages to more than 100.000 houses, leaving local people traumatized and without proper compensation. 
You are welcome to report about the Code Rood action, before and/or during the protest. We are happy to connect you to English speaking participants for interviews. It is also possible to accompany participants into the action.
„Gas has to stay in the ground – here and everywhere“, says Hanneke van Houten from Code Rood. „Gas is not a transition fuel. NAM, Shell and Exxon have to take responsibility – for the safety of the people in Groningen and for the climate. We demand a radical U-Turn. Phase out gas immediately to prevent further damages! The damages that have already been done must at be fairly compensated.“
„Wood fires, heat waves, harvest loss: this summer has shown us a glimpse of a heated planet“, adds Hanneke. „The only way to prevent a hot-house climate is to phase out fossil fuels immediately.“
Europe’s biggest gas field is situated in Groningen. Several times a week, the region suffers from earth quakes caused by extraction, which lead to grave damages to the buildings. People who live in Groningen have been fighting to make NAM take financial responsibility for their operations. In the beginning of 2018, about 12.000 inhabitants participated in a demonstration to express their anger. While fossil gas is extracted and transported, a substantial part of gas it is leaked into the atmosphere. Methane, main component of gas, is a potent greenhouse gas and heats up the planet significantly.
At the site of action, the Code Rood press team will be present to answer your questions.
On August 27, 2.30 pm there will be a public action training at the camp where media can be present. If  you would like to take part, please contact the Dutch press team.

Climate action of CODE RED in the port of Amsterdam is a big success

Amsterdam, June 24, 2017, 17:30
The participants in the CODE RED climate action have left  the coal terminal at 17.30.  This first publicly announced civil disobedience action has stopped today the transport of coal – a direct win for the climate! The participants have shown that the Netherlands can no longer wait for the transition to renewable energy.
Over 350 participants in CODE RED have blocked for the day  the operations of the Coal Transport Bulk Terminal Amsterdam (OBA). The action had thus a direct effect on the production of fossil energy.
The activists occupied several cranes, made music and played frisbee between the mountains of coal. The atmosphere was peaceful throughout the day and there was good contact with the OBA employees.
This action has shown that citizens should and can take the transition to renewable energy in their own hands. Spokesperson for Code Red Maarten said  “It is clear that the government has neglected its responsibility to combat dangerous climate change. We have waited a long time for concrete climate action. It is now up to us to accelerate the energy transition.”
For many of the people participating in the action it was their first civil disobedience action.
“It made me feel very strong,” says one participant. CODE RED has empowered many people who previously felt powerless against climate destruction to commit to decisive action.
The reluctance of the police to intervene was a confirmation of the peaceful intentions of the activists. The police agents only kept guard at the fence where the Code Red participants had entered the ground of OBA. Their concern centered on the safety of the participants involved.
The participants in CODE RED left the grounds of the Coal Transport Bulk Terminal Amsterdam (OBA) at half past six through the main entrance. It was a triumphant close to a day of action by the Dutch climate movement.  Maarten:  “This battle has been won, but we have not yet won the fight against climate change. We will continue to pursue our actions until our goals have been achieved. Oil, coal and gas must remain in the ground.

CODE RED blockades the port of Amsterdam for the Climate

Amsterdam, June 24th 2017
More than 300 people are blockading the coal terminals of the port of Amsterdam since 9:30 AM. With this human blockade, CODE RED, we are drawing a line against climate destruction by the fossil industry. By means of this blockade we are preventing any transport of coal in and out of the OBA Bulk Terminal. The terminal is being shut down.
Updates of the action are being placed on the website and in Facebook and Twitter of CODE RED. 
The participants started their action this morning around 8:45am with a march from the climate camp at the Contactweg towards the coal terminal on the Westhavenweg, where they have done a sit-in blockade on the train rails in the premises. Afterwards they have climbed on the cranes where the coal is normally being loaded. Because of the CODE RED action the harbor operations around the coal terminal are being shut down.
Today’s action is timed to coincide with the two-year anniversary since the Dutch courts delivered a historical verdict in the climate case brought by Dutch citizens and Urgenda. The Dutch State was ordered to protect its citizens against the dangerous effects of climate change by taking measures to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions – specifically 25% reduction by 2020. Because there are not any effective measures being put in place to achieve this, we as citizens are coming into action.
Spokesperson Harriet says ‘The government is not doing enough against climate change. Coal fired power plants are continuing their operations, gas production is increasing,  and meat industry production is at an all-time high. Climate change is the biggest threat for our lives on this planet. If governments and companies are not acting quickly enough, we must do it ourselves.”
The port of Amsterdam is the largest gasoline port in the world and the second largest coal port in Europe.  This makes Amsterdam a critical player in the fossil fuel industry chain against the fact that one third of the oil and 80% of the known coal stocks must remain in the ground to limit global warming to 2 ° Celsius. The port of Amsterdam has decided to close its ports for coal by 2030. That is too late to keep climate change within the agreed limits. Furthermore, the storage and transport of oil and gasoline must also be stopped to prevent climate shock. “We demand that the port of Amsterdam quickly closes its doors to coal, oil and gasoline. The Netherlands must start the transition to a sustainable society to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C, “spokesperson Harriet said. “We also think it is important that there be a fair transition fund for workers in the fossil industry and other sectors affected by the energy transition.”
CODE RED is part of a global movement of people who stop fossil fuel companies to counteract climate destruction by these companies. These modern climate movements give activism a human face. In the United States (Standing Rock) and Germany (Ende Gelände), actions are also taking place against the digging and use of oil, coal and gas.

CODE RED blockades the Amsterdam Harbor for the Climate

Amsterdam, June 6th
Climate change is quickly overtaking political will and action. For this reason, on the 24th of June 2017, a large and diverse group of concerned citizens will be sounding the alarm; it’s CODE RED for the Climate!
In Amsterdam – the biggest gasoline harbor in the world and the second biggest coal harbor in Europe – this group will be stepping up under the name CODE RED in an action of mass occupation to draw a line against the fossil fuel industry that is the most important contributor to climate change.
Exactly two years ago, the Dutch courts delivered a historical verdict in the so called Urgenda climate case. The Dutch State was ordered to protect its citizens against the dangerous effects of climate change by taking measures to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions. Contrary to taking any action towards the court ruling, ‘the government continues to push their responsibility for enacting these measures down the road,’ says Maarten, spokesperson from CODE RED. “Meanwhile, CO2 emissions are rising, the people of Groningen are suffering under gas extraction, coal stations are continuing operation, traffic flows are increasing and industrial livestock numbers are celebrated for being at an all-time high.”
On the 24th of June under the name CODE RED this group will shut down fossil fuel operations there by means of a human blockade. Around and supporting the action a Climate-camp will also be held, from the 22nd until the 26th of June. This will be a place for discussions, connecting, and workshops.
“The problem of climate change is enormous, and political and business leaders are taking insufficient action to combat it. In such circumstances civil disobedience is not only justified, but also necessary. We are going to have to make this happen ourselves” says Maarten.
CODE RED will continue to take action until the aims in its manifesto are reached, and the Netherlands becomes a frontrunner in transitioning to a sustainable society. The warming of the earth must be held under 1.5ºC.
The action group CODE ROOD is part of a worldwide citizens movement against climate destruction by the fossil fuel industry. People are stopping coal-stations in India, pipelines in the US, brown-coal mines in Germany, fracking in Brazil and oil-drilling in Nigeria.