International panel: From shifting energy to shifting power

How do we go from shifting our energy sources and industries to shifting power structures? This panel will explore how different struggles against fossil fuels are connected to historic structures of power and politics. We will learn about the gas struggle in Groningen, Tar Sands in the UK, the indigenous Mapuche’s fights in Chile, and power dynamics in climate justice organizing. By connecting these struggles and placing them in a historical and global context, we will explore what must be done to radically transform the conditions threatening our planet and lives.

  • Suzanne Dhaliwal is an advocate provocateur, interdisciplinary artist, lecturer and environmental justice and anti-oppression trainer.
  • Sandra Beckerman is a politician for the Socialist party and an long-time, outspoken voice against the gas industry.
  • Stephanie Collingwoode Williams is a social worker, anthropology student, poet and activist.
  • Spokesperson from Mapuche Foundation FOLIL, an indigenous-led human rights organization.

The panel will be moderated by Chihiro Geuzebroek, the director of the climate justice film Radical Friends, an activist, campaign manager, and public speaker.