Everyone is welcome at the camp, whether you join in for the action or not, and it is not necessary to register. This is the site where we want to build bridges: people from Groningen, the rest of the Netherlands and beyond, we all get together around the gas problem. Groningen is not alone!
There will be an action kitchen on the site, as well as basic provisions such as water, electricity and toilets. We are all together responsible for the camp and thus ask all campers to contribute to a positive and constructive atmosphere, as well as to keep the camp location clean. For this reason, we also ask everyone who is to come to the camp to make sure you know the guidelines (link). Together we carry responsibility for the cleaning jobs, cooking and the like. Can you help with something? Throughout the duration of the action camp you can drop by the info-tent to see what still needs to be done.
At the camp, you will find the following:

  • Tents for the program
  • A¬†kitchen tent (the meals will be prepared by Le Sabot)
  • Art space
  • Media and communication space
  • Location for support & recovery
  • Bar
  • Welcome and info tent
  • A first aid space


A daily contribution of 5 EUR (or more) would be highly appreciated. The action kitchen will offer three delicious meals per day for an indicative price of 7,5 EUR. We appreciate it if people who can pay more make a larger donation. This helps the people who have less money. It might be possible that there is no ATM near the campsite, so make sure to bring enough cash.
You can also donate in advance! Money transfers can go to NL55 TRIO 0388 6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA).

More information

Here you can find more detailed information on: