From August 24th to 31th, we are organizing a huge climate camp in Groningen (exact location to be announced!). Hundreds of people from the city or the countryside, from the Netherlands or from abroad, will come together for a very rich program of workshops, action trainings and debates. During the camp, it will be possible to adequately prepare for the mass civil disobedience action which is planned to take place around the 28th of August, the day of Groningen’s liberation, and which aims to disturb Groningen’s gas extraction. There are multiple ways in which to support the action, both in the camp as outside. Everyone can help!
On the 28th of August, a day also known as the Groningen Liberation, we will massively take to action to execute a blockade of Farmsum’s tanker park, and use our bodies to stop the tankers’ transport of toxic natural gas concentrate. We do this because the tanker park is an important point of connection in the infrastructure of the gas extraction by the NAM. The natural gas concentrate is transported from the sites of extraction by tanker truck. As we block the tanker trucks in front of the entrance, we will disrupt the gas extraction by the NAM in a safe manner. 
Our sit-in could last more than one day and is at a cycling distance from the camp. With this mass civil disobedience action, we will take control to stop the gas flow and to demand compensation for the damages linked to natural gas extraction. As we do this, safety is most important. A more detailed call for action can be found here.

A large part of the collective organizing and preparation for the action will take place at the camp. Monday the 27th of August will be the most important day of preparation. There will be action trainings the whole day as a warming up for the action. There are also various sessions for creating ‘affinity groups’ and you can get informed about the legal aspects and risks. What’s more, there will be time to make banners and other attributes and there will be workshops about police interrogations, First Aid during actions, dealing with high-stress events, and more.
The last plenary action briefing will take place on Monday night (the first one is on Sunday night). This is the last moment to join one of the groups (‘fingers’) leaving the camp on Monday to go to the NAM tanker park in Farmsum. 
The more parts of this extensive collective preparation at the camp you can attend, the better!
In case you’re really not in a position to come to the camp, e.g. if you have to work on Monday or if you’re on holiday until Monday, then it’s possible to gather at the old hospital in Delfzijl on Tuesday the 28th of August at 12.00. People will be walking from there at 12.30 to go to the tanker park in Farmsum.

There are a few things that are good to take note of before you arrive. One of those things is the action consensus, which has been written to make the action transparent and accessible for all participants:  “We say what we do and we do what we say”. This is an important document, because it is our collective framework that describes the decisions we’ve come to regarding the way in which we will execute the action.
Here you can find more detailed information on:

In preparation for the action there are a few action trainings planned. It is recommendable to partake in one of those, especially if you do not yet have much experience with civil disobedience, but also if you want to refresh your knowledge or share it with others. For an overview of the scheduled action trainings, see this link. The descriptions are in Dutch, but if there are enough people that would prefer to have the training in English that will most likely also be possible, or otherwise whisper translation can be provided. There are action trainings still coming up in Amsterdam, Nijmegen, and Utrecht, but for those who cannot join in for an action training before the last week of August, there will be another one at the camp.
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