It is possible you will be arrested when demonstrating or participating in actions. The arrest group (AG) team is there to support people who have been arrested (and might be detained longer). Please come to one of our workshops at the camp for elaborate information about your rights during demonstrations and during a possible arrest. The following information will tell you how to come to the camp prepared. If you have any urgent questions before or during the camp, you can reach us via e-mail at this address:, or visit the AG-tent at the camp.


In anticipation of the demontration/action we have secured the services of two lawyers to be on stand-by and provide assistance to those who have been arrested. You may ask for them as your assigned lawyers in case you are arrested. It is important to have a lawyer who supports you and whom you can trust. We are working with a lawyer who has a lot of experience with activist arrests and has been of much help to us in the past. If you have another lawyer with whom you prefer to work, that is no problem of course – please give their details to the AG team at the camp.

Arrest group

During the action the arrest group will try to find out how many people have been arrested, where they are being detained, what they are charged with and whether they have been able to speak with their lawyer of choice. If you are arrested do NOT accept another lawyer than your own lawyer. We will also try to find out how detainees are being treated, whether they get fed properly (vegetarian/vegan/halal/etc.), whether they need clean clothes etc (we will try to get this to you). Among other things, we can advise you on what to do if you receive a fine or summons. If you have any questions about possible legal expenses, please ask the AG to inform you further about this.

Anonimity, personal preparations and other practical stuff

You have the right to NOT give your name and stay anonymous during a political action. This has advantages and disadvantages, about which we are happy to inform you during the workshops. Please prepare as many things as you can before coming to the action, like having enough medication on you, any pets are being taken care of and that you have assigned a contact person who knows what they have┬áto do and possibly where your ID is. Fill in your contact person’s name and contact data on the AG-form at the legal info desk at the camp. We will then be able to contact them if necessary, to arrange for your affairs back home. This is also convenient if you decide to stay anonymous. If so then contact between you and your familiy can take place through us. This reduces the chance of your identity being discovered by the police (through your familiy contacts). Keep in mind that drugs and alcohol can have a negative effect on your risk calculation. For the safety of yourself and your fellow activists, coming to the action sober is of great importance.