The camp is located at Contactweg 130, on the north side of metrostation Isolatorweg.
You can get there by:
Walking from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station (20 minutes)
– Go north on the Radarweg
– At the big road turn right onto the Basisweg
– Continue and go under the highway, then take the first road on the left, the Kabelweg
– Turn right at the roundabout onto the Zekeringstraat.
– Follow that road until you see a field on your left side. That’s where we are.
Public transportation from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station (10 minutes)
– Take metro line 50 to Isolatorweg, and exit the metro at the Isolatorweg station.
– Take the north exit to the Zekeringsstraat
– Turn right on the Zekeringsstraat, and you will see the camp on your left side.