It’s RED ALERT (CODE ROOD) for the climate!

Oil, gas and coal must be kept in the ground in order to stop climate change. But the Netherlands is lagging behind in tackling the climate problem. The ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam are among the biggest in the world when it comes to oil, petrol and coal. Meanwhile, the climate is changing at a faster pace than the measures taken by politicians and corporations. That’s why, on the 24th of June, we will raise the alarm with hundreds of concerned people: it’s RED ALERT (CODE ROOD) for the climate!
Climate change is a threat to all life on our planet. Human action has already caused the temperature on Earth to rise by one degree Celsius, and the consequences are affecting us more and more severely. The lives of many people, especially those in the Global South, have already been destroyed and an increasing number of animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. In many countries, social, economic and political circumstances are worsening and tensions among countries are rising, too. Oil, gas and coal must be kept in the ground in order to stop climate change.
When it comes to taking a serious approach to tackle the climate problem, the Netherlands is falling far behind in all respects. Coal plants are still open, the NAM (Dutch Petrol Association) is still pumping billions of cubic metres of gas from the province of Groningen, traffic flows on the roads and in the air continue to increase and industrial agriculture and factory farming reign supreme. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions keep on rising. On the 24th of June 2015 the judge issued a historic verdict in the so-called Urgenda ruling: the Dutch state was ordered to protect its citizens from dangerous climate change. Effective measures are necessary to strongly reduce CO2 emissions. Instead of setting to work immediately and taking its duty of care towards its population seriously, the Dutch government decided to appeal against the ruling – even though the Netherlands is already lagging behind internationally. Dutch politicians constantly evade their responsibility by pointing to other countries or by putting off policies. Meanwhile, emissions keep on rising and the fossil fuel industry has a free hand, while the consequences of climate change are affecting us already.
Two years after the historic Urgenda ruling, we are taking action. Because we have no time to lose, we will draw a red line against the fossil fuel industry on the 24th of June, in the port of Amsterdam. As the the biggest petrol port in the world and the second-largest coal port in Europe, the port of Amsterdam is a symbol for the system that we resist. Through actions of civil disobedience, we will severely disturb regular operations. In so doing, we will force the Netherlands to close its gates to the biggest polluters, who currently face no obstacles, particularly in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and the Groningen gas fields.

  • We will keep on carrying out actions until we have achieved the following:
  • The Netherlands leads the way in the transition to a sustainable society, in order to contain climate change to 1.5 °C.
  • The ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam have closed their gates to the climate-wrecking fossil fuel industry.
  • All gas- and coal- fired power stations have been closed.
  • There is no more gas extraction in Groningen. Earthquake-related damage has been generously compensated.
  • A just transition fund is in place for all workers in the fossil fuel industry and all other sectors that are affected by the transition.
  • There is a fair and sustainable economy that respects the planet and all who live on it. In order to achieve this, international trade policy has been radically reformed.
  • The Global North acknowledges its historical ecological debt and repays it. The Global South, after all, bears the least responsibility for climate change, but is affected by its destructive consequences first and most strongly.
  • The borders have been opened. In this way, we relieve the negative consequences of climate change for the people who are already being impacted by it.
  • The Global North supports the transition to a sustainable society in the Global South with the financial means and knowledge deemed desirable and necessary by the citizens of the Global South.

People, the living environment and the climate are being sacrificed for the profits of the destructive fossil industry. This shifts the burden to the workers, who risk losing their job as the fossil industry nears its end. That’s why, as part of  our struggle, we show solidarity with the workers. For these people, a good solution must be found; we are in favour of a sustainable society, with a fair economy which respects the planet and those who live on it.  Not only should fossil fuels stay in the ground, it is also necessary that rewarding job opportunities are provided for everyone, now and in the future.
When we join forces, the power of the fossil fuel industry can be broken, and a fossil free society can be reached. Together we are building a resilient movement that dares go one step further. Because the climate problem is so urgent and threatening – and politicians and corporations are doing so little to solve it – we deem it necessary and justified to switch from large-scale public protest tot large-scale civil disobedience. We won’t allow possible attempts to abuse our resistance against this industry for reactionary or nationalist ends, and we will condemn them strongly.
Civil disobedience is the deliberate breach of laws and rules to enforce social change. We are convinced that the use of this form of action is a necessary and legitimate step to curb climate change. With our action, we aim to raise the alarm for all of society: rise up! Only through massive resistance will we succeed in ending the age of fossil fuels. Necessity knows no law!
We are part of a worldwide movement against climate destruction at the hands of the fossil industry. People all over the world are standing up for the climate. We are stopping lignite mines in Germany, coal plants in India, pipelines in the US, gas extraction in Groningen, fracking in Brazil and oil drilling in Nigeria. And on the 24th of June, we will draw a line in the Port of Amsterdam. Together, we are stopping climate change! It’s RED ALERT (CODE ROOD) for the climate!
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The following organizations have cosigned our manifesto:

  • Beats against coal
  • Coal Action Network (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
  • Climate Justice Amsterdam
  • Doorbraak
  • GroenFront!
  • Groninger Bodem Beweging
  • Internationale Socialisten
  • Klimaatkoor
  • Klimaatlintjes
  • Limburg In Actie
  • NL stands with Standing Rock
  • Students Act On Climate
  • Utrecht TTIP-vrij

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