Take a look here for a list of useful stuff to take with you during the action. Please take care not to pack too heavily! You can divide the burden between the members of your affinity group.

  •  An (action) bicycle so we can move flexibly and quickly to the action location
  •  Equipment to stay overnight at the blockade: a sleeping bag, warm/thermal clothing and possibly a sleeping pad
  •  Good shoes
  •  Old, comfortable clothes that can get dirty, with long legs to protect from the sun
  •  Blankets (against sun, rain, cold)
  •  Lunch, snacks and sweet stuff (raisins, nuts, grains, dry fruit,…)
  •  Lots of water (min 3 liters per person)
  •  First aid kit
  •  Security blanket, against sun and cold
  •  Medicine, such as for hay fever (if needed)
  •  Alcohol-based sunscreen (because pepper spray attaches to fatty substances)

Nice to bring with you:

  •  Banners and flags
  •  Decorations
  •  We may well be sitting for quite a whole during the blockade. What things to bring can you think of to entertain ourselves and each other? Think of decks of cards, music instruments, a poem, a workshop, and so on. As long as it’s manageable to carry and safe!

A list of things not to take with you during the action :

  • Anything containing information on you or on us, for example your phone or agenda, if you decide to stay anonymous. 
  • Anything that may be considered to be a weapon (don’t even take your smallest pocket knife)
  • Do not bring sunscreen that is not alcohol-based. Do not use make-up. Do not wear contact lenses. Why? If the police decide to use pepper spray, then this attaches to fatty substances. It can also get under contact lenses and therewith harm your eyes.