We welcome organisations or groups that like to support our call to action by having their name appear under it.  How does it work? First make sure your organisation or group knows it, and agrees.  Then contact us in a way to make directly clear that you can speak for your organisation.

  1. Send email do code-rood@riseup.net from an email address that is listed on your website (bonus points for PGP signature).
  2. Twitter: send a DM to @Klimaatactie, from the twitter account of your organisation.
  3. Facebook: PM to CODE ROOD facebook page, from your own organisation’s facebook page.
  4. If your people know our people, you can also reach us directly through our personal contacts.

Necessary information:

  1. The name of your organisation, as you want it to appear.
  2. A URL for your website, or alternatively your twitter account, or facebook page (but rather not facebook, as it isn’t easily accessible to non-facebook users).  It’s nice if readers can just click to see who you are!