The Netherlands are falling short, in all regards, on handling the subject of climate  change. The coal power stations are still open, the NAM (Shell & Exxon) is still pumping billions of cubic meters gas out of the Groningse soil, transport over the roads, the seas and through the air is still increasing and moreover is still fossil fuel based, industrial agriculture and the bio-industry are celebrating their hay days and the exhaust of greenhouse gases is only getting worse.
Climate change is danger to all life on our planet. Climate change is not just a problem for our future. Human actions have already caused the earth to warm up 1 degree Celsius. There is daily news on disastrous weather extremes. To limit future warming as much as possible we could leave a better, cleaner and more just world for the next generations.
The climate change problem has grown so imminent and threatening that it is necessary and just to go from large scale public protest to large scale civil disobedience. Only when we act together, and only when we dare to take the next step can we stop the power of the fossil fuel industry and can we start a fossil fuel free society. More and more people from different kinds of social groups and political backgrounds are starting to realize this, and it brings them together!
We want to build a strong and diverse climate movement. A movement that is backing down from a fight and one that stands in solidarity with other climate and social justice movements.  We want to look for allies in civil society who are also fighting for a more just world. Because we are all fighting the same system that causes climate change and inequality. We are inspired by the success of Ende Gelände actions in Germany in 2016 and 2016 so therefore we want to join forces and organize a movement from the bottom up. Byt the people and not by organizations. We will be democratic and transparent.


An action against the fossil fuel industry who tries, with all her might, to block positive change. We are aware of other factors such as industrial agriculture. We shall participate a mass civil disobedience action in the harbour of Amsterdam on the 24th of June in 2017. Around this date we will organize a climate camp with trainings and workshops. There will be room for everyone to join in manners that require no experience or commitment to manners that require dedication and perhaps more experience. Everyone who agrees with the text above can join the action. No action experience is required.