Working groups

Interested in joining one of our working groups? Below you find  an overview of their mailing lists and contact addresses

Some working groups kan be reached via a contact address. For others you need to send a message directly to the mailing list of the group.

General contact address
You can contact the  CODEROOD movement at:
Email contact address: code-rood at (with pgp)

The Aesthetics working group makes sure of the look and feel of our camp and action.
mailing list: coderood-aesthetics at

Coordinating platform (COPLA)
This is no working group, so you cannot directly become a member, but it is a group where representatives of the working groups meet to coordinate.
mailing list: coderood-copla at

The Facilitation working group prepares action conferences and the decision processes.
mailing list: facilitatie at

Research the links between the climate struggle and other movements (like feminism and antiracism), and helps keeping an eye on our internal social and cultural dynamics.
mailing list: coderood-intersectionaliteit at

IT & Webteam
The IT working group facilitates the digital infrastructure and advises about safe digital communication and encryption. The webteam builds and maintains the website.
Email contact address: coderood-webteam at (with pgp)
Mailing list: coderood-it at

The camp working group organizes everything for the camp (tents, kitchenfacilities, electricity, etc.)
mailing list: logistiek at

The legal team organises the legal support during actions and the camp.
mailing list:coderood-legal at

The programme working group organises activities at the climate camp. Next to seminars, discussions, debates, they also coordinate trainings, music events, child activities, etc.
mailing list:coderood-programma at

Media & communication
Media and communication do the communication to participants, creates flyers, and communicates with the press.
Email Contact Address: coderood-mecom at  (with pgp)
mailing list:communicatie at

Coordinates info-events and trainings, hands out flyers, and maintains links to our foreign friends.
Email contact address international:  coderood-international at (with pgp)
Email contact address trainings: coderood-training at (with pgp)
Mailing list Netherlands: coderood-mobilisatie at
Mailing list group for Groningen: coderood-noord at

Environmental Activists’ Recovery & Support (EARS)
The EARS working group looks at the ways in which we can keep on doing what we’re doing sustainably. They try to integrate strategies against burn-out into our preparations for Code Rood actions and they offer support and recovery to participants in actions who are experiencing reactions to high-stress events.
Email contact address: