Upcoming Action Conferences & Climate Summit Bonn

Dear people,

Last Tuesday our bus departed from the klimakamp in the German Rhineland. Over 6,000 people came together to show that the time of coal is over. During the mass civil disobedience action Ende Gelände they succeeded to reduce the production of Germany’s most pollution coal power plant by 40% for 20 hours. To achieve that, the Dutch group, together with many others, occupied a trail track for more than six hours on Saturday. Curious how that looked? Watch and share this video!
You see the power and positive energy of our movement. We will carry that on and continue full enthusiasm with Code Rood. Therefore a few updates in this newsletter:

  1. Evaluation conference
  2. Action conference 1 & 2
  3. Help organise
  4. Climate summit Bonn
  5. Code Rood at the climate marathon in De Balie
  6. Upcoming events
  7. Donations

The summer is almost over, and that means that it is time for our evaluation conference. On Saturday 16 september we get together at 10.00 am in Amsterdam.
In the morning we will have a discussion on our strategy and identity. Where do we want to go as a movement? Is this type of action the right for and do we want to continue with that? Should we move in a different direction as a movement? In the afternoon we discuss the action consensus and how we could deal with situation where people break with this consensus. How do we ensure that we stay friends within our movement and keep collaborating? At the and of the afternoon we will have a practical evaluation. What went well during the camp and action and what could be improved? After the conference we will have dinner and a nice borrel! So do not make plans for this evening, because it is going to be a fun evening!
Make sure that you sign up on our website, then we can prepare the day well and make sure that there is enough food for everyone.
Of course we want to continue next year. In the end it is our goal to build a powerful movement agains the fossil fuel industry and for climate justice. But which action can we organise best to achieve this goal? On 21 October we will brainstorm for new ideas and plans. These will be developed further, so that on the second action conference on 25 November we can take a discusion about the action for 2018.
Also here, make sure that you sign up on the website.
Help with the organisation of Code Rood! For now we are mainly looking for people that want to help out with the logistics and facilitation of the upcoming events. Let us know by mail!
The UN climate summit COP23 in November 2017 is hosted by Fiji, but will take place in Bonn, very close of the climate destructive lignite coal mines and power plants in the Rhineland. On Saturday 4 November there will be a very large demonstration. Also the Pacific Climate Warriors will join that weekend to underline the urgency and the injustice of the climate problem. On Sunday 5 November there will be a next action of Ende Gelände, to stop the coal extraction in the Rhineland mines.
From the Netherlands busses will be arranged by Code Rood, Fossielvrij NL, GroenFront and in collaboration with other groups. One bus departs on Friday 3 November and return on 6 November. A second bus departs on Friday 3 November and returns on 7 November. Together with Stroomversnellers action trainings are organised in September and October.
You find the latest updates in this facebook event.
In Utrecht people are already organising an info evening. Would you like to help organise an info evening in your own hometown? Send us a mailt, and we will connect you to someone in your area!
On Friday evening 15 September is De Klimaatmarathon in De Balie in Amsterdam. This is a six our long debate about the question: how do we deal with climate change? Code Rood has a clear standpoint about that of course. That is why we will join the table around 23.00 to talk about the need for activism. Tickets are unfortunately sold out, but you can follow the debate with a livestream on the website of De Balie.
Make sure to put these dates in your agenda:

Code Rood needs donations! Make a contribution and transfer to bank account NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA. Or send our call for donations to friends, acquaintances or family that could perhaps give a financial contribution.
In addition you can also contribute to the legal costs of the 12 people who have to go to trial because of the action on 24 June. This can also go to the account of Code Rood, mentioning “rechtszaak”.
See you at the conference on 16 September!
Code Rood