Towards a New Action Plan

Dear people,

Our next action conference is coming! It will be a nice day full of creativity which we need for brainstorming, thinking and discussing about what our next target will be. We will be thinking about the strategic and symbolic value, the feasibility and of course if it will be disrupting for the industry! And for all of this, we need you to be there!

Besides this, we are also organising buses to the Ende Gelande action in November, and we have some other updates for you. In this newsletter you will find:

  1. Action conference: Towards a new action plan!
  2. Help to make the action conference successful
  3. Buses to Ende Gelande Bonn
  4. Other events to come:
    1. Info-night Eindhoven, 18th of october
    2. Actiontraining Utrecht, 22nd of october
    3. Reading group: Hegemony, How-To, Amsterdam, 15th of november
    4. Action Conference #2, 25th of november
  5. Lawsuits
  6. Donations

The 21st of october is coming and that means we are going to think about our goals for next year. The location of the conference is In De Ruimte in Utrecht: Oudegracht 230 a/d werf, 3511 Utrecht. You are welcome from 9.30 on. Please register on the website! The main question on the conference will be: in 2018, how can we disrupt and obstruct the fossil-fuel industry by means of a mass civil disobedience action with as many people as possible? In other words: Code Rood 2018, what are we going to do?!

There will be a wonderful vegan lunch and dinner facilitated by Le Sabot!

9.30 – 10.00 Walk-in
10.00 – 11.00 Introduction
11.15 – 11.45 Free brainstorm
11.45 – 12.15 Pause
12.15 – 13.00 Concrete brainstorm part 1
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch (vegan!) made by Le Sabot! 🙂
14.00 – 14.45 Concrete brainstorm part 2
14.45 – 15.10 Short pitch of action-ideas
15.10 – 17.15 Elaborate on the action-ideas
17.15 – 17.35 Pitches of other ideas
17.35 – 18.00 Wind-up
18.00 – 19.00 Wonderful vegan dinner by Le Sabot!

We need you to make it successful: together we are Code Rood! Everyone involved is a volunteer which means that anyone can get involved! We have three things anyone can do, two of which you can even fulfill from your couch. 

First of all: register here on the website if you are planning to come! This will help us assessing what we need to prepare. 

Second of all: help us mobilise!

  • Share this Facebook event!
  • Invite all your friends and family. This is THE moment to take new people, but also to mobilise people you met at the action and did not speak to ever since!

Third: Help facilitating at the conference. We are still looking for people that want to help facilitating the brainstorm- and elaboration-sessions. This is mainly about facilitating small groups with their process of brainstorming, creating new ideas and elaborating on these ideas. Experience with facilitating is not necessary to help and get involved! If you are interested, send an email to They will inform you about the plans!

Furthermore, during the day everyone can apply to help translating from Dutch to English. We also need some hands for building up (at 9:00) and also for cleaning up the place (at 19:00).

At the start of november 2017 the 23rd VN Climate Conference will be held in Bonn. This is in the backyard of the lignite-mines of the Rheinland, the biggest source of CO2-emission in Europe. During the summit the world’s focus will be on Bonn, so that’s why this is THE moment to loudly and clearly state that we demand a just transition to a fair and sustainable society without fossil-fuels right NOW!

That is why Code Rood, Fossielvrij NL, GroenFront! en Jongeren Milieu Actief arranged multiple buses that will leave from the Netherlands in the direction of Bonn. Two buses will leave on friday the 3rd of november and return on monday the 6th. One bus will leave on friday the 3rd of november and will return on tuesday the 7th of november (in the evening).

You can register right here for the bus:, and you can invite your friends for this event!

Info-night, Eindhoven, 18th of october
During this night we will give some more information about the following actions:
– Ende Gelände 2: civil disobedience – occupation of a coalmine in the Rheinland (4-5 november),
– The People’s Climate Summit:`
– Multiple demonstrations in Bonn.
Check out the Facebookevent of this info-night! It will start at 19:00 in the Energy Forum, on the first floor of the MetaForum.

Action training, Utrecht, 22nd of october
Actually doing an action is not something you do every day. A good preparation is essential, and therefore we organise, together with Stroomversnellers, an action training to be well prepared for the Ende Gelande action on sunday the 5th of november close to Bonn. If you want to participate, please register at the website

Reading-group Hegemony How-To, Amsterdam, 15th of november
It’s time to talk strategy. How do we actually change the world? How do we grow in numbers as well as in diversity? How do we increase political consciousness and activity in people who are not yet active? What are the next steps to take? We don’t have to agree on everything but it’s necessary to collectively think about this. This will be a horizontally organized reading group. The book ‘Hegemony How-To’ from Jonathan Smucker will be the leading subject of the discussions. The location will be The Nieuwland in Amsterdam. Send an email to if you want to participate (the reading-group will be in English)! 

Action conference #2, Utrecht, 25th of november
On this conference the more elaborated plans will be presented so that we can decide on the what and the where of our next big action. How and where can we be most effective as a movement? And when will the action take place? These will be the decisions made on the second action conference. You can already register on the website!

During the occupation of the coal-company in the Amsterdam harbour on the 24th of june 2017, 13 people were arrested in two separate groups. We want to mobilise as many people as we can to attend the lawsuits and show our support for and solidarity with all the people that actively resist the social as well as ecological destruction caused by the fossil-fuel industry and the immense structural violence of coal in particular. The lawsuits have been moved to another date, which is not yet known. We will communicate this as soon as possible, so a large group of people can show support. Follow this event for more information and the most recent updates!

Unfortunately, we need money. Ranging from the locations of the action conferences to the toilets on the climate camp to the flipovers for the meetings to material for the banners. Persuade your wealthy friends and family to donate for an extremely good cause on: NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA. Besides this, you can also contribute to the juridical costs for the 13 comrades that are still being persecuted. You can contribute this to the bankaccount of Code Rood under the title of ‘lawsuit’.

See you at the action conference next Saturday!


Code Rood